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Bruce Jones

  1. Haarlem, The Netherlands
  2. Ambient
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  1. Something Shocking from the Stocking
    by Santa Sabbath and Friends
  2. Forever Gone
    by Wino
  3. Banners to the Moonswept
    by Eave
  4. Weightless at Dawn
    by Truthseeker
  5. Of Ash and Dying Light
    by Nachtterror / Altars of Grief
  6. A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time
    by Obsidian Tongue
  7. The Hourglass
    by Atten Ash
  8. Sørbyen
    by netra
  9. Faces of Insanity
    by Epitimia
  10. Wind
    by Frigoris
  11. Lunaric Tide
    by Astral Luminous
  12. Black Tremor / Sea Witch
    by Black Tremor | Sea Witch
  13. Eye of Solitude | Marche Funèbre
    by Eye of Solitude | Marche Funèbre
  14. Vastness
    by Il Vuoto
  15. All Light Has Since Escaped Me
    by Ancient Tundra
  16. Dreading Consciousness
    by netra ft. We'rewolves
  17. The Heavens Are Not On Fire...
    by Wills Dissolve
  18. a break in the day
    by stroszek
  19. Hypnotic Dirge 2013/14 | The Wild Haunts Us Still; Decay and Atrophy
    by Hypnotic Dirge Records
  20. Ingrats
    by netra