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  1. Queens of the Circulating Library
    by Coil
    Long form Coil. That's pretty much all you need to know. Hallucinatory. Transcendental. Glorious. And the vinyl is delicious.
  2. Mountains, runlets, caves & cascades (gk. rec. 2022)
    by gintas k
  3. Tascam Space Season
    by Noda & Wolfers
    未知なるもののラジカルな形態 Radical Forms of the Unknown 未知なるもののラジカルな形態 Radical Forms of the Unknown
    This is beyond good. Full of space and light, yet still full of groove and bounce. I love Danny with all my heart but that melodica playing is pure bliss. Absolutely perfect soundtrack for a bike ride in the summer. Nothing but smiles. Only problem: it's over way too soon. Need more, please!
  4. Go to the forest (dedicated to Jethro)
    by Overculture
  5. Push (up)
    by Overculture
  6. turning every sound over like a hand knit bedsheet spread a wrinkle in time to try and find your voice again where we used to
    by Overculture
  7. what day is now
    by Overculture
  8. Twenty Six Thousand (72 Minute Version)
    by Frozen Rabbit
  9. I made you this (album about my trauma)
    by Overculture
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  10. The Imp's Reply (Single)
    by Goth Professor
  11. Mystic Moog Orchestra
    by Collin J Rae
  12. dakini land
    by skullflower
  13. Ghost Forest (2012 Remaster)
    by Trance To The Sun
    This is probably an all time favorite album. I remember first hearing bits of this live as they opened for Lycia (if memory serves correctly). There is some gorgeous ethereal nature to this one that makes it stand out for me. Think of staring off into cloudy, rainy skies in absent minded reverie and you might get some sense of things.
  14. Deep as a depthless pond
  15. Nascent Topologies
    by David Lee Myers
  16. Art Brut (WRC 2021)
    by gintas k
  17. From Here to Tranquility (Horizonte Aeternitatis) - Volume 12
    by Various Artists
  18. The Morning Book of Serpents
    by PGR
  19. Lexicon
    by Jack Hertz
  20. Earthset
    by Deeper Than Space