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  1. ひきこもり・Hikikomori
    by Pterodactyl Squad
  2. The Retro-Active Experience
    by Keiji Yamagishi
    I absolutely adore this group of talented creators/performers/directors. Loved the MAGfest live stream! Thank you for your hard work!
  3. High Strangeness OSV
    by Cheap Dinosaurs
    I love this sound and have followed this band since its inception. The newer sounds appeal to a wider audience with influences from dubbed in english and Chromolodeon. Altogether a fascinating display of talent!
  4. Dawn of the Dead
    by Cheap Dinosaurs
    If Chromelodeon & Dubbed in English had a baby on Halloween, it would sound like this.
  5. Julie's Theme (Cheap Dinosaurs Remix)
    by glomag
    Fabulous remix! Cheap Dinosaurs Forever!
  6. High Strangeness
    by Cheap Dinosaurs
    Cheap Dinosaurs is an original. The sound takes you from sleepy, but anticipatory semi-wakefulness to heart-pounding, sweaty stuff that happens when zombies are chasing you in a nightmare--and that's only one piece!

    This group will definitely garner world-wide acclaim & its solid following is willing to spread the word. Don't miss Cheap Dinosaurs while admission is still affordable & the venue is intimate.
  7. Easter Island
    by Cheap Dinosaurs
  8. The Final Recordings
    by Chromelodeon
  9. Live at Rider - February 19, 2000
    by Dubbed In English
  10. panic zillabot
    by autoscroll
    This is cutting-edge, 3rd cup-o-espresso music. Love the frenetic-ness of it!
  11. Gradwell
    by Dubbed In English
  12. hexateron
    by Cheap Dinosaurs