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  1. Soaking
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Second Hand Hot Tub Second Hand Hot Tub

    This is a real back to school. ACY has once again recorded an album that you want to come back from time to time for "press play" and just dance. It is as beautiful as my favorite album "19th hole". But these are words, all the charm in the holistic sound of the album!

    — Captain Bridge 🚀

  2. Love In Times Of Death
    by Kidburn
    Love In Times Of Death (Album Mix) Love In Times Of Death (Album Mix)
    The new sound in the "Love in times of death" by Kidburn shines like a diamond. Of course, here you can hear the small echoes of previous works and in a compartment with a new sound gives an excellent result. And you can't confuse the vocals with anyone, as well as the guitar parts and solos. According to the author, the music (here and earlier) is a deep synthesis of all thoughts, dreams, experiences. Thank you for the music!

    — Captain Bridge 🚀

  3. Music
    by Droid Bishop
    The Outliers The Outliers
    What does the 80's era sound like? Quite how the album "Music"! Today we can safely say that this album is one of those few that perfectly conveys the atmosphere of that time
    It's perfect a trip to the time when we were running out of the store with a new movie, when we turned on our cassette recorder at full volume, when sports cars flew through the avenue, and the night street were flooded with neon light
    Is a great flashback to an era whose aesthetic is now warming hearts
  4. Fall of the Titans
    by Millennium Falck
    Last Ronin Last Ronin

    Great story! This is not just a concept album, it is a real universe transmitted through a beautiful symbiosis of an audiobook and a soundtrack. Music, coupled with lyrics, easily creates a visual series.
    The voice part is perfectly intertwined with the music throughout the album. The story itself is not lost.
    Objectively, listening to the album, I was immersed in the Battletech series, namely the once very popular game Mechwarrior.

    — Captain Bridge 🚀

  5. Rebirth of the Machine
    by Droid Bishop
  6. Into The Abstract
    by Droid Bishop
    Silver Screen Silver Screen

    An album in which there is a little of this, a little of that: some melancholy, some dance, some nostalgic and flashbacks moments. But this music actually just to relax in the evening... in good company

    — Captain Bridge 🚀

  7. Sentient
    by Oscillian
    The Brightest Cry The Brightest Cry
    by Kawsaki
  9. Leisure
    by Duett
  10. Essence of Life
    by Cyberwalker
  11. Hot Shots
    by MicroMatscenes
  12. Can We Talk...
    by Manhatten
  13. Lemon Crush
    by L'Avenue
  14. Night Flight
    by Kreatron
  15. Legacy
    by Jupiter in Capricorn
  16. About the Earth
    by Jupiter in Capricorn
  17. Hot Summer Synth vol.2
    by Future 80's Records
  18. Virtual Whereabouts
    by Club Classic
  19. Wildlife
    by Warmth
  20. Home
    by Warmth