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  1. Glen and Precipice
    by Deafest
    Glen [When the Mountain Crumbles] Glen [When the Mountain Crumbles]
  2. Frozen Blood
    Call Of The Mountains Call Of The Mountains
    Much more ambient black in nature than either the demo or the Warrior's Way. Definitely works on some tracks , but misses the mark on others . Overall , glad to support the different vision across all 3 releases.
  3. Demo
    Dead Man Hand Dead Man Hand
    Got this when purchasing the entire catalog after hearing The Warriors Way. This demo is not as polished and not as impressive as that full length, but there is some good stuff to be had here. It is more raw, and much less Summoning worship ( nothing wrong with Summoning worship ) than what is found in the full length. I think to a degree that is some of the charm to be found here.
  4. Oskoreien
    by Oskoreien
    Transcendence Transcendence
    I need more of this Stat! 3 tracks of really, really good quality melodic black metal, and 2 fantastic instrumentals ... One piano and one multi layered acoustic. A perfect example of the magic of BC.
  5. Against Leviathan
    by Wild's Reprisal
    Gaard Gaard
    While reading the accompanying track notes upon first listen, I was introduced to the concept of " vegetarian ecofeminism" and was torn between sarcastic cackling and the urge to retch. Thankfully the music on display is as good as the fabricated socio-political ideas are bad.
  6. II
    by Ethicist
    Language Bearers Language Bearers
    Quite a bit of black metal / associated genre blending going on here , but the end result is solid. Have to mention the wicked cover art also!
  7. Procession
    by Apricity
    Summer Summer
    Love digging up new releases that have not seen much in the way of attention .. Was scrolling through the blackgaze feed and the album art caught my eye so I gave it a listen without expecting much ( pretty standard for the vast majority of blackgaze). Wound up listening to it twice back to back and then purchased. Really grew on me over 2 listens .
  8. To Traverse the Sorrow
    by Wounds of Recollection
    Sunrise Elegy Sunrise Elegy
    One man depressive black metal from a secluded region in Georgia? Had to check it out ... Was not disappointed in the least . Tons of mournful and beautiful melody mixed in here . Good , good stuff.
  9. Demo 2011
    by Lycus
    Aghast Aghast
    Not as funeral doom oriented as their first full length, but certainly a strong debut. Very well written across the 3 song EP and nice production.
  10. Nature
    by Phendrana
    Wind's Lullaby Wind's Lullaby
    I absolutely love finding under the radar diamonds in the rough . Also have a soft spot for one man / woman solo projects , especially in the black/ post black / blackgaze realm. Pakistuf checks off all those boxes for me . Really liked this one from start to finish.. Good meaty long songs with nice touches throughout. Consistently good from start to finish. The title Nature fits the mood and delivery of the music very well . Very atmospheric blackgaze . Well done .
  11. The Druid
    by Valtiel
    Cult of Valtiel Cult of Valtiel
    Dark and nasty doom from Alaska on this 3 song EP. Looking forward to future releases
  12. Cold Wilderness
    by Skjöld
    A Firefly A Firefly
    The production value on this 2 song EP is a bit rough ( drums ) but it is a nice combo of ambient / blackgaze especially in the first track . I would be interested enough to pay attention to what comes next based off this first track.
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  13. Embers
    by Evergreen Refuge
    Embers Embers
    Picking the favorite track on this one was easy! All kidding aside .. Another terrific journey provided by Evergreen Refuge. A release that demands you slow down and give a focused listen ( preferably through headphones) so it can wash over you and work its magic .
  14. Passenger
    by Black Monolith
    Gold Watch Gold Watch
    The first artist / release from Deafheaven frontman's label All Black , and what a debut. So diverse.. The opener sounds like Deafheaven worship, but then it goes in a completely different direction . Driving blackened punk leanings with excellent musicianship (drumming on particular ). One of 2014's best releases no doubt .
  15. Live At Roadburn 2009
    by Church Of Misery
    Red Ripper Blues Red Ripper Blues
    They were feeling it here .
  16. Live At Roadburn 2008
    by Wolves In The Throne Room
    I Will Lay Down My Bones Among The Rocks And Roots I Will Lay Down My Bones Among The Rocks And Roots
    Masterful live performance. I think they sound better here across all 4 songs than on any one of their LP's.
  17. Valinor
    Valinor Valinor
    I was expecting a depressive / bedroom black metal listen when I first fired this up. While I love me some Xasthur, and some of those nuances do reach your ear, this is light years better and more polished . The guitar tone is very original and carries the record throughout . Definitely one of my favorite releases in the back half of 2015.
  18. Hail Wind and Hewn Oak
    by Falls of Rauros
    The Fire We Fathered The Fire We Fathered
    Not really enough words to describe how much I love this album. Fond memories of the first time I heard it from beginning to end. Was totally transfixed from start to finish , and still am every time I listen to it . Oddly, I don't play it as often now , irrationally concerned that if I listen too much it will lose some of the magic it holds for me ... It never does .
  19. Social Disservices
    by Panopticon
    Subject Subject
    Panopticon is one of the most original and talented one man black metal outfits out there . Scratch that .. One of the most talented black metal outfits period, because he transcends the genre and brings so much in the way of alteration and addition of new ideas and directions. His drumming and riffing are both top notch on this , and all his releases. This initial release is a bit more in the traditional vein versus the experimentation that becomes more prominent on future albums . All of it is top shelf stuff.
  20. Zigurat
    by Sergeant Thunderhoof
    Lunar Worship Lunar Worship
    Between this , and the follow up Ride of the Hoof , the Sarge has moved into the instant buy category. Tremendous fuzzed out psychedelic grooving that hits fast and hard .
  21. The Enchanter's Ball
    by Doomed & Stoned
    The Beast Pt. 1 The Beast Pt. 1
    Another smorgasbord of new bands to check out and support . If female fronted rock / doom is your thing , this is a no brainer.
  22. Weminuchia
    by Evergreen Refuge
    Weminuchia III: Flora & Fauna Weminuchia III: Flora & Fauna
    This is just beautiful music . I am sure most of the cascadian black metal scene has it's heart in the right place , but you are hard pressed to find nature inspired black metal as powerful as this . You can almost hear the groan of the earth as man alters it's natural course of life , decay and death, and rebirth .
  23. Sidereus Nuncius
    by Apocynthion
    Redshift Redshift
    For all the crappy blackgaze records out there in droves , it is a real treat to find a gem like this. Spacey themed tracks with great riffing , poppy clean vocals and powerful black metal tinged screams in combination with ambient sounds and excerpts from 2001 : a space odyssey. Fans of An Autumn for Crippled Children will love this .
  24. Apocalyptic Witchcraft
    by Petrychor
    Apocalyptic Witchcraft Apocalyptic Witchcraft
    Does not reinvent the Atmo black metal wheel , but certainly turns the dial enough to make it very refreshing and different . Love the opening acoustics , and the acoustic transition in the middle of the track. Just beautifully played . A powerful piece of music that I think would serve as an excellent entry example for those wanting to explore the Atmospheric black metal genre.
  25. ...and the lamps expire.
    by Addaura
    amid the tumult and clamor (I look for the light through the pouring rain.) amid the tumult and clamor (I look for the light through the pouring rain.)
    Addaura is evolving very nicely . Beautifully diverse album here with excellent production . Have always loved the lo fi or raw black metal sound , but records like this make it so hard to regularly listen to the raw material. Maybe I just finally got too old . This is excellent !
  26. Victory EP
    by Sons of Crom
    Victory Victory
    Epic Viking metal track , both with regard to the vocals and instrumentation ( good ) and running length ( could have been trimmed down a smidge). In any event , it falls short of Quorthon's mastery of the genre he created , but it is solid and enjoyable Bathory worship all the same .
  27. Alpine
    by Deafest
    Setting Light Through Valleys Setting Light Through Valleys
    It's a Deafest album ... What more needs to be said? Beautiful, emotional and moving Black metal / music. Cannot recommend it highly enough.
  28. DEMO
    Behind Transmission Towers Behind Transmission Towers
    Also bought year of the horse first and had to get this . Super original Italian doom
  29. BABYLON (demos)
    by Babylon- Band
    Saw this following Paul ... They had me at the album cover . Luckily the 3 tracks on display did a fine job of providing merit for my impulsive purchase.
  30. Old Wolf
    by Old Wolf
    Your Keeper Your Keeper
    Every so often , nothing gets it done like some good ole power metal. Some good ole power metal on display here for sure .
  31. The Black Widow EP (2015)
    by Stone Woman
    Black Widow Black Widow
    Nice 70's inspired heavy rock / Stoner
  32. Distorted Solitude
    by Desert Crone
    Earth's Savage Darkness Earth's Savage Darkness
    Holy rolling sludge ball !!! This EP hits hard and leaves you wanting more . If I had a magic lamp handy to rub for three wishes , I might spend one of them wishing there was more of this .
  33. Blacksmith
    by Blacksmith
    Nightrider Nightrider
    Lot of stuff going on here, but at the end of the day to me this is just some Great traditional heavy metal performed by yet another great Aussie band . Top notch Australian bands seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Again I herald : Doomed and Stoned Australia please !!!! Good day.
  34. Vaped Remains
    by Seer
    Swollen Pit Swollen Pit
    I did not listen to this at the optimal settings but still really liked what I heard. When the band members classify themselves as " riff wizard " and " beat priestess" , I imagine there is no way to go wrong.
  35. Witch
    by Cutty Sark
    Candle in Skull Candle in Skull
    Great album cover for a black metal album ! But it's not black metal. But it is really good . Check it out .
  36. Making The Scene
    by Dazed Sun Lemonade
    - Dazed Sun Lemonade - Woman... - Dazed Sun Lemonade - Woman...
    Groovy! I have to be honest .. The first time I listened to this I did not like it . I had it on in the car dealing with Atlanta rush hour , and I guess I just didn't absorb it. For whatever reason , I came back to it and put it in through the ole headphones and sat still and listened to it with some patience. What a difference . I honestly seem to like it more with each successive play. Some sweet lemonade indeed.
  37. Doomed & Stoned in Canada
    by Doomed & Stoned
    Vacation Wasteland Vacation Wasteland
    Hard to pick a favorite track on this one . Such a great compilation .. Has turned me on to so many new bands I need to check out and support. Absolutely killer stuff on this band camp gem.
  38. Punto Azul Pálido
    by Sagan
    Akira Akira
    Saw in my feed this was a new release that Hector just bought , so I gave it a listen right away. I don't know what the hell protospace Rock is , but if this is it , sign me up . Heavy, catchy , groovy and trippy all at the same time . From start to finish there isn't a weak moment . Love the cover art also.
  39. Truckfighters - The Chairman
    Desert Cruiser (Live in Australia 2013) Desert Cruiser (Live in Australia 2013)
    Grungy desert rock on this EP from one of the masters of the genre. Got this for the 3 live songs .. Desert cruiser is absolutely killer and one of my all time favorite songs. The live version here is better than the studio version.
  40. The year of the horse ep
    Upper side view Upper side view
    Really quirky what ? Prog Doom ? Not sure but it's different and killer whatever it is . Need to check out their demo .
  41. Weednight EP
    by Shine
    Hare Grave Hare Grave
    Me like
  42. Forgotten Antics
    by Black Orange
    Standing Outside Standing Outside
    This is just Rock/ heavy rock done right .
  43. Lucy
    by Förr
    Varann Varann
    Great throw back Swedish 70's Rock . Love the vocals , and the more I listen to the album , I swear the guitars have a punk, almost black flag-ish sound to them ( never a bad thing ). Great listen . Want to support these guys and get their other album as well.
  44. Invaders
    Lined Coin Lined Coin
    Desert / Psyche rock done right . Outside of the vocals , some underlying doomy moments as well . Just when you think the track has settled in , they launch off in another direction .. Nice !!
  45. Chronobot
    by Chronobot
    Set Phasers to DOOM!! Set Phasers to DOOM!!
    Wow this is some heavy , trippy DOOM!!! Album opener Hail Unicron launches us off with a bong hit, and Chronobot transports us through an alternate atmospheric Electric Wizard vibe universe . The closer Cougar Magnum is a hoot .