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  1. The Moon Is No Good
    by Indigo De Souza
  2. Everybody Else
    by Horrible Things
  3. Ska Against Racism
    by Bad Time Records
  4. Venimos De Garageland! (2019)
    by V.A.
  5. Ribbit Rhythms
    by The Fattenin' Frogs
  6. It Came Without Warning...As Most Disasters Do
    by Cmn ineed yr hlp
  7. Happy Hour
    by Hollie Cook
  8. Vessel of Love
    by Hollie Cook
  9. In League with Dragons
    by the Mountain Goats
  10. Rain
    by The Kings of Frog Island
  11. Frog Synth Coven
    by Frog Synth Coven
  12. Holiday Cheer Where You Need It
    by Neal Markowski
  13. Idle Dub
    by Wyoming Toad
  14. Frogs of Ohio
    by Wyoming Toad
  15. I Don't Mind
    by Rhoda Dakar
  16. Dolmenwood - Beyond the Witching Ring
    by Tales Under The Oak
  17. Sounds of North American Frogs
    by Various Artists
  18. A LA SALA
    by Khruangbin
  19. Swimming Lessons
    by The Skints
  20. Ziggy Stardub
    by Easy Star All-Stars