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  1. A Forest
    by Christian Löffler
    Feelharmonia (feat. Gry) Feelharmonia (feat. Gry)
    God I so much wanted this LP ... I'm so glad it had finally been repressed !
    Thanks guys :)
  2. LNLNN
    by Gidge
    Hope Hope
    I "Fell in Love" with Gidge with the track of the same name, before they first release Automn Bells, which has been a headshot right in my ears.
    LNLNN is following the same way: calm, beautiful, sporadic drums, ... This album is a piece of art.
  3. Young Alaska
    by Christian Löffler
    Mt. Grace Mt. Grace
    I follow everything Christian's doing since I first heard Feelharmonia on A Forest LP.
    Young Alaska is proving that Christian's got talent !
  4. Blend
    by Thylacine
    Distance (feat. Dylan Nichols) Distance (feat. Dylan Nichols)
    L'EP qui m'a fait découvrir Thylacine, debut 2015. Je suis tout de suite tombé sous le charme de cette association mélodique + beats.
  5. Transsiberian
    by Thylacine
    Belobezvodnoe Belobezvodnoe
    Le partage de démarche artistique, son caractère original et le partage de l'experience vécue par Thylacine font que l'écoute de cet album nous téléporte là où l'artiste l'a voulu. C'est ce qui est magique et rend cet album si particulier.
  6. 25
    by Various Artists
    Lus Lus
    I downloaded the free digital version the day it went out in January ... and finally took a big bundle 11 months after as I am still listening this incredible album!!
    Every track is awesome!
  7. Cold Colors & Xiu - Loneliness 12" Ltd. Edition EP
    by Cold Colors & Xiu
    Loves Fade Away Loves Fade Away
    I've met Cold Colors 10y ago with track "L'amour sans toi" ... and still love what he's doing.