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  1. Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Metal
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  1. Scorn Coalescence (Split)
    by Serpents Athirst / Genocide Shrines / Trepanation / Heresiarch
  2. Despotism of Lust and Death
    by Obscene Evisceration
  3. ΑΠΟΣΤΑΤΗΣ(Apostate)
    by Hate Manifesto
  4. Self titled
  5. Coprolith
    by Coprolith
  6. Abhabaniyastral Samsarimplication
  7. Death Monolith
    by SUBDUER
  8. The obedience to authority
    by Autokrator
  9. PURGE
  10. Luxor Necropolitics
    by Vatican Shadow
  11. No Shelter. x Menschenstaub Split
    by No Shelter. , Menschenstaub
  12. Immortal Black Flame
    by Sigh Of Defeat
  13. Thrown to the Abyss
    by Vølus
  14. Obfuscated
    by Filtheater
  15. Shrines to Dagon
    by Out of the Mouth of Graves
  16. Rotting Dominion
    by Psionic Madness
  17. Suffering to the Conquered
    by Maggot Crown
  18. Harbinger Unceremonious
    by Out of the Mouth of Graves
  19. Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)
    by Coil
  20. Apparition of Faces
    by Maggot Crown