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  1. Dylan Mashed (2014 re-issue)
    by ToToM
  2. To The End Of The World: Melancholy Music From Xenogears
    by TPR
    Beautiful nostalgia. Thank you!
  3. Various Artists - Islands in the Stream [ØEN009]
    by Various Artists
  4. Parallels: Melancholy Music from Chrono Cross
    by TPR
    What I love about TPR's albums is they give the melodies from the respective soundtracks such a uniformity of tone and feeling that you never feel any kind of tonal whiplash and just get this continuous nostalgia hit. Really excellent.
  5. Without A Trace: Melancholy Music From Secret Of Mana
    by TPR
  6. Wild Heart
    by Desirée Dawson
  7. Arctic Poppies
    by Avi C. Engel
    ice scarred ravines ice scarred ravines
    I always feel like Clara's music is getting better and better but on the other hand it's hard to even compare these albums. Always changing musically, but with that consistently somber, contemplative tone that just goes great with a snowy evening alone.
  8. Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss
    by Avi C. Engel
    Uneasy Spirit Uneasy Spirit
    Thoughtful, intimate, sincere and heartfelt lyrics sung in long, sustained notes over a soft, ambient, slightly eerie background. There's nothing quite like Clara Engel's music and every album shows signs of growth and change.
  9. Ashes & Tangerines
    by Avi C. Engel
    Hope is Heavy Hope is Heavy
    Clara's music is like nothing else. Dark, mystical, unsettling but also oddly soothing.
  10. Quiet Light
    by Lattice
    Alluvial Soil Alluvial Soil
  11. Self Inside
    by Lattice
    Over the Calm of an Ebb Over the Calm of an Ebb
    Some of this is really top-shelf.
  12. His Young Heart EP
    by Daughter
    Landfill Landfill
    Great lyrics, gorgeous singing voice. Great lyrics, too. I can't stress that enough.
  13. Oh Vanille / ova nil
    by Diane Cluck
    Very interesting lyrics and a good singing voice. Each song has its own thing going on.
  14. Secret Beasts
    by Avi C. Engel
    Ghost Opera Ghost Opera
    Some really neat music here. At its best sincere and vulnerable. Ghost Opera is something else.
  15. The Bethlehem Tapes
    by Avi C. Engel
    Accompanied By Dreams Accompanied By Dreams
    She's growing a lot as a songwriter.