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  1. II
    by Vale Of Pnath
  2. The Guillotine Demo
    by Stagnater
  3. Phylogenesis
    by Abysmal Dawn
  4. The Watcher, Wreathed In Flame
    by Demon King
  5. Hell Is Other Demons
    by The Algorithm
  6. Scourge of Tested Flesh
    by Accursed Creator
  7. Zombie Prescription
    by Misery Index
  8. Light Eater EP
    by Wounds
  9. Man of Your Dreams (MOD cover)
    by Misery Index
  10. Occult 88
    by Occams Laser
  11. For the Time Being
    by Anachronist
  12. Emptiness fills The Void
    by Stortregn
  13. Morbid Majesties (Death Metal)
    by SADISTIK FOREST (Finland)
  14. Demiurgus
    by Equipoise
  15. The Void Engineers
    by Cosmic Atrophy
  16. Carol Of The Hell Bells
    by VHS Glitch
  17. As The Kingdom Drowns
    by Psycroptic
    Beyond The Black Beyond The Black
  18. A RetroSynth Christmas
    by RetroSynth Records
  19. When Legends Become Dust v. 0.5
    by Conducting From the Grave
  20. Rituals of Power
    by Misery Index