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  1. Spirals of light
    by ALIO DIE ~
  2. Touching the arc of space
    by Jaja
    Touching the arc of space Touching the arc of space
    Jaja has returned to extended-length tracks on this release as she serves up some very low drones of super-massive-spaces which unfold on a seemingly infinite journey to new places.

    While seeming dark in its overall tone, I often wonder if it is an interjection of my own mood and interpretation of the music. But this time around I am faced with the posts of others that seem to share the same sediment with respect to this and recent contributions.
    I hope all is well my lady!
  3. Sleep Theory Volume 4
    by Altus
  4. Complex Silence 22
    by Altus
  5. Sleep Theory Volume 2
    by Altus
  6. Sleep Theory Volume 1
    by Altus
  7. Sleep Theory Volume 3
    by Altus
  8. The chapters of the eclipse
    by Alio Die & Dirk Serries
    Reminiscent of a Dirk Serries 'Streams of Consciousness' track with wonderful accompaniment from Alio Die.

    It works......well!!
  9. The Long Journey Home
    by Nunc Stans
  10. Earthen Burrows
    by Robert Davies
  11. Quot dies resurgo
    by ALIO DIE ~
    Quot dies resurgo Quot dies resurgo
    I can't get enough of these medieval soundscapes, highlighted via the trilogy of Castles sonorisation’s series (Aura seminalis/Tempus rei / Horas tibi serenas), and now "Quot dies resurgo."
    They are the quintessential "Alio Die" and perhaps his best my opinion.

    Truly great stuff!
  12. Equinox
    by Max Corbacho
    Simply put.... "Bliss Revealed"
  13. Above Open Realms
    by Andrew Lahiff
  14. Stars form in silence
    by Jaja
    Twilight glow Twilight glow
    Fantastical calming journeys is what you'll hear with all of Jaja's acoustical creations. This one is no exception.
  15. Distillation of Time
    by ALIO DIE ~
    With eclectic acoustical meanderings and an always necessary drone component, this album is one of ALIO DIE's best in recent times. Both relaxing and comforting, complex and simple, accompanied by a hint of mystery, this is a must listen.
  16. A Connection to the Wonder
    by Max Corbacho
    Simply put, "A Connection to the Wonder" is a quiet journey of mystery & discovery, suspended in a sea of calm wonderment. It is an experience by which only Max can conjure up - and by gosh, he's really good at it!
  17. Landing on earth
  18. Eternal
    by Jaja
    A slightly darker mood is set by this release, but yet the journey is still well worth it.
  19. Quiet Spaces and Distant Dreams
    by Andrew Lahiff
    like a heated blanket on a cold day.
  20. Space traveler
    by Jaja
    The delicate and calm nature of Jaja's music is a blessing which never ceases to Amaze me.
    I think we could all learn from her.