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Brent Stanfield

  1. Augusta, Georgia
  2. Metal
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  1. Witch H(c)unt
    by Witch H(c)unt
    i don't like u i don't like u
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. Ashes of the Empyrean
    by Promethean Horde
    Artisan of Silence Artisan of Silence
  3. The Metastasis
    by Oncology
    Prelude To Oblivion Prelude To Oblivion
  4. Turbulent Biogenesis
    by ByoNoiseGenerator
  5. The 6 Level Purge
    LVL2 Incubation LVL2 Incubation
  6. Ogre
    by Handsaw
    Palavras Vomitadas Palavras Vomitadas
    You know it's quality when the vocalist can do a few different styles. Plus they have a second vocalist for some killer back-and-forth moments. This album's well-polished, which brings out the band's technical skill with all of their instruments, but without taking away from the awesome brutality they put in your face. Great album!
  7. Fungus - Predatory Harvest
    by Fungus
    Computerized Humanity Computerized Humanity
  8. Infernal Atrocity
    by Revulsed
    Imposed Cognitive Reconstruction Imposed Cognitive Reconstruction
  9. Promo 2015
    by CHALERA
    Molesting The False Decapitated Prophet Molesting The False Decapitated Prophet
  10. Dissevered | Neuronal Obliteration 2015 Demo
    by New Standard Elite
    Neuronal Obliteration Neuronal Obliteration
  11. Omnipotent Hysteria | 2015 Promo
    by New Standard Elite
    The Symbiotic Swarm The Symbiotic Swarm
    Fast. Brutal. Great. pingy snare is always welcome. captivating vocals. Fast! Track 2 is better because it's longer \m/
  12. Indonesian Brutality
    by Various Artists
    Cadavoracity - Obsessed Thee Arranged The Violence Cadavoracity - Obsessed Thee Arranged The Violence
    A lot of great bands! Some tracks are well-produced, others have a great raw sound. Gives a good variety of songs. Some are heavier, others catchier, some groovy, others not at all. Indonesia is THE place for the brutal death scene.

    My close 2nd favorite was Jasad - Precious Moment to die.
  13. Ingurgitating Intestinal Rot
    by Delusional Parasitosis
    Assemblage Of Necrotized Flesh Assemblage Of Necrotized Flesh
    the drums really make this album flow for me. And those vocals! So much awesome, a different style of growls pops up before the last one even got old! well made album. they really know how to balance all the instruments and vocals. this band knows what they're doing.
  14. The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin
    by Abominable Putridity
    Remnants Of The Tortured Remnants Of The Tortured
  15. Headfirst Into Oblivion
    by Torturous Inception
    The Last Infected The Last Infected
  16. Throne Of Reign (Cassette)
    by Pathology
    Harvest Harvest
  17. A chaos of desire
    by Black Tape For A Blue Girl
    a chaos of desire a chaos of desire