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  1. As The Tide Draws
    by Enduring The Fall
  2. Caligula
    by Omniarch
  3. Passage
    by KYOKTYS
  4. Severed Limb Convulsion
    by Of Hatred Spawn
  5. The Book of Shadows
    by Operus
  6. Shadow Weaver EP
    by Shadow Weaver
  7. Free Candy
    by funnels...
  8. Spicerland
    by Slint Spicer
  9. Foul City: B-Sides and Rarities
    by Dumphop
  10. Death Waker EP
    by Death Grips Snitchposting
  11. We've Got Balls EP
    by Toonsquad
  12. Goodbye.
    by Dumphop
  13. Boognish Grips EP
    by Ween x Death Grips
  14. Hello. (Discs 1 and 2)
    by Dumphop
  15. The Conquest Instrumentals
    by funnels...
  16. Kidz Bop 69
    by Dumphop
  17. Funnelvision
    by Dumphop
  18. A Noid at the Oprah
    by Dumphop
  19. Year of the Snitch 3
    by Grip the Jewels
  20. Dumphop
    by Dumphop
  21. Bastardpop
    by Dumphop
  22. Death Grits
    by Dumphop
  23. Dirt EP
    by Funnels...
  24. Side Effects Include Pre-mature Ejaculation, Gentrification, Autism, and Veganism
    by Dumphop, Intelligent Decline
  25. Anything Except Rap and Country
    by Dumphop
  26. Damnesiac
    by Dumphop
  27. 122 Ehs
    by Dumphop
  28. Mashunks
    by Unkle Adams Originalposting
  29. Joy-Unit EP
    by Joy-Unit
  30. Fair Abuse
    by Dumphop
  31. Neō Wax Exhibition EP
    by Atrocityghost
  32. Zookeeper 2: Music from the Motion Picture
    by Kevin James and the Fuckboy Assault Squad
  33. Song Telephone 2017
    by Dumphop
  34. BanjoKazooie Grips
    by Death Grips Snitchposting
  35. Super Mario Galaxy (Alternate Soundtrack)
    by Littendo
  36. KDG
    by Dumphop
    by Dumphop
  38. West Grips EP
    by West Grips
  39. fish--fish
    by Dumphop
  40. Twenty One Inch Nails EP
    by Twenty Øne Inch Nails
  41. Griphampton EP
    by Death Grips x BROCKHAMPTON
  42. Death Park EP
    by Linkin Park x Death Grips
  43. Mash Pit
    by Dumphop
  44. Griphampton Split EP
    by Dumphop, Blinko
  45. Dumphop's Party (Come Get It)
    by Dumphop