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Brendan Hobbs

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  1. Get Your Feet Back On The Ground (ep)
    by Grabbel and The Final Cut
  2. Star-Crossed
    by Her Vanished Grace
  3. In Excelsis
    by The End Of The Ocean
  4. Racing Glaciers - EP
    by Racing Glaciers
  5. Clothes You Can't Outgrow
    by Mountain Schmountain
    by Roman Candle
  7. Earth Is A Black Hole
    by Teenage Wrist
  8. Spiderland (remastered)
    by Slint
  9. Detroit (Single)
    by Diagonal
  10. Spare Ribs
    by Sleaford Mods
  11. The Great Dismal
    by Nothing
  12. All That Glue
    by Sleaford Mods
  13. Reception
    by My Teenage Stride
  14. Homage to Anonymous
    by 23frames
    Summer of Insects Summer of Insects
    This is the power of Bandcamp right here. A lazy, random browse and I stumble across a random band and a random album from 2013 - and its truly magical stuff. So unique, so fresh, sooooo recommended.
  15. Never Get Caught
    by New Adventures
  16. Flowers of Flesh and Blood
    by Death Bells
  17. Fleeting
    by flowerbomb
  18. Keep the Voices Distant
    by Monster Movie
  19. Walker
    by Toluca Lake
    Balboa Balboa
  20. Best Of Luck
    by Christopher Paul Stelling