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  1. dioxippe
    by exael
  2. Simian Angel
    by Oren Ambarchi
  3. Bought The Farm (OUEST095)
    by Mister Water Wet
  4. Matthew
    by Matthew Sullivan
  5. Baltic Beat II
    by Bartosz Kruczyński
  6. Loom Dream
    by Leif
  7. Soul Value
    by Housemates
  8. Live At Deep Blue
    by ESB
  9. The Secret in Disguise
    by Sunburned Hand of the Man
  10. Jaybird
    by Sunburned Hand of the Man
  11. Third Space
    by People Plus
  12. PEACH007 - Call Super
    by Call Super
  13. Sabalan
    by Georgia
  14. After Masterpieces
    by Rupert Clervaux
  15. Ghostride The Drift
    by Ghostride The Drift
  16. Wolf Müller meets the Nile Project
    by Wolf Müller meets the Nile Project
  17. Preparation For Departure
    by Yu Su
  18. things are sweeter when they're lost
    by the humble bee
  19. 京極流箏曲「新春譜」Kyogokuryu-sōkyoku "Shinshunfu"
    by 雨田光平 (Kōhei Amada), SUGAI KEN
  20. Stealth
    by Takao
  21. Soon i'm gonna make it
    by Busty Brown and the Clowns
  22. Love On The Seen
    by Jah Joe
  23. Beacons of Ancestorship Remixes
    by Tortoise
  24. RVNG Intl. at 15: Beatrice Dillon Selects / Dissects
    by Beatrice Dillon
  26. Do you plan to end a siege?
    by object blue
  27. Mdou Moctar meets Elite Beat In a Budget Dancehall
    by Mdou Moctar & Elite Beat
  28. L.I.E.S. Collection X
    by Various Artists
  29. Organ Dirges 2016-2017
    by Kali Malone
  30. Cong Burn 04
    by Cong Burn
  31. Beginning c/w Lena Willikens Remix
    by 関根真理 Mari Sekine, Lena Willikens
  32. Kill
    by John Bence
  33. Champion
    by Iueke
  34. Meneo
    by Clara! y Maoupa
  35. 竜のぬけがら Ryu no Nukegara
    by 7FO
  36. FIREC026 Fresh Gildans
    by Linkwood
  37. Nouvelle Ambiance !!!
    by Various Artists
  38. FIREC024LP Bathhouse
    by Steven Legget
  39. Five Rhythm Works
    by From Scratch
  40. かじゃでぃ風節 Kajyadhi Fu Bushi
    by 新崎純とナイン・シープス Jun Arasaki and Nine Sheep, Visible Cloaks
  41. Vol. 1 Rooms 1-6
    by Ambienti Coassiali
  42. Scorie
    by Tiziano Popoli, Marco Dalpane
  43. El Dorado
    by XYR
  44. Dub From The Heart
    by Jah Warrior
  45. Never
    by Never