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  1. I Fall To Pieces
    by Maini Sorri
    After a slow-building, atmospheric introduction, 'I Fall To Pieces' explodes into a slightly unexpected, but pleasing bright burst of pop goodness the moment the vocal kicks in. Unexpected, in that the lyrics are quite sad, so it is an interesting mix. The hooks capture your attention instantly, almost away from the music, but then it fights back courtesy of a guitar solo front and centre. By the end, the main lyrics have stuck in your mind. Bright delivery of a sad song. I like it.
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  2. Rust
    by Christopher Bell
    Gone Gone Gone Gone
    There is no turning your ear away from this one, such a wide variety of sounds keep things interesting right through. No pigeonhole suits that's for sure. There are moments of The Black Keys, You Am I, William Elliot Whitmore and even a hint of Arctic Monkeys, all with a unique twist. From the calm, to the super gritty, it is all covered here. It certainly smashes down the barrier of what you'd expect when you hear 'Cello' mentioned. Really well produced tracks that sound great with volume.
  3. American Sojourn
    by Rosewood Creek
    Latest Regret Latest Regret
    Picture a lazy Sunday afternoon out in the sun, a few drinks on ice and good company. You'll need some tunes for that, and the soundtracl to your afternoon is here! Smooth, easy listening tunes jumping between male and female vocal with a cool storytelling vibe about it all. 'Latest Regret' and 'Crooked River Sojourn' would be my highlights, both showing off the variety of sounds on offer that hold your attention. Now, where'd I put that wine and picnic basket.. I'm taking this outside!
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  4. Self-Titled
    by American Lust Junkies
    Another Day Wasted Another Day Wasted
    A classic take-no-prisoners hard rock sound with this album. Production is heavy on the bottom end, as all good hard rock should be, but not at the expense of other parts. Everything blends together nicely here. Take a few parts Danzig, a splash of Rose Tattoo and a shot of Alice In Chains, then drink straight if you want an idea of what to expect. It's raw, may not go down easy, but you'll remember the after effects and come back for another. A refreshing take on a classic sound, well played!
  5. King
    by Katana Cartel
    Solid intro sets the tone for this one, easy to nod the head along to. A real big sound production wise, bass nice and rumbling and the vocals not lost in the mix which is great. Just when you think you know where the song is going, all hell breaks loose in the final minute, an awesome twist to the track which I'm picturing is all kinds of fun watching it played live. Nice and heavy with hooks in all the right places. Solid track.
  6. White Liar [Single]
    by Harbour Grace
    White Liar White Liar
    A welcome return from the band with this new single. Crunchy riffs, soaring vocals and a blazing solo. All the right ingredients for a solid rock track. The production is on point with a real powerful bottom end complimenting the vocals, given volume it'll give the speakers a nice tickle for sure. The hook has no problems sticking in your mind, and if you don't bust out the old air guitar or give the head a bit of a bang while listening you are a hard one to please. Well played!
  7. EP/Demo
    by Coronal Mass Ejection
    Scent of the Moon Scent of the Moon
    Whole lotta noise for a three piece going on here, just the way I like it! If pushed, I'd place this somewhere between bands like We Lost The Sea and Pelican, but with a nice unique flavour. Very easy to get lost in the wide soundscapes and unlike a lot of instrumental stuff it never just disappears into the background as there is quite a lot going on. In fact it almost commands repeat listens, and each time you go back, you discover something new. Very high quality production too.
  8. Always You
    by Nymira
    2014 2014
    This is a great chillout album that is great to have handy in those times where you just need something that doesn't always demand full attention. The production is great and the way the tracks are sequenced makes for a great flow. Variety is what I love most, 21 tracks is alot, but there are no moments where the quality drops, or you want to hit skip. Obviously very personal in nature which adds to the charm of these well crafted pieces of music. Listen loud or softly & it just works. Quality!
  9. Lonesome Dangers
    by Johnny Pants
    Danger Lights Danger Lights
    A nice warm and raw sounding album that has quite a bit going on beneath the surface proving you don't always need slick production values to deliver a great song / vibe. From the energetic 'Starlight' to the slower tracks like 'Feeling Lost' there is a nice amount of variety on offer style wise. My highlight is where both bleak and bright combine in 'Danger Lights' to provide a really hypnotising sound, almost Bowie like. Give it a few spins to let it grow on you.
  10. [TTLF004] Casablancan Slut
    by To The Lovers, Farewell
    Eastern Stamp Eastern Stamp
    There are manly prolific artists out there, but very few who are constantly raising the bar. I love the "new release from To The Lovers, Farewell is available" e-mails from bandcamp as you never know what to expect and that anticipation ensures you listen close and right through each time. Moments will challenge you (and your speakers), but as with previous releases, this one oozes creativity and its unlikely you'll have anything like it in your collection. Well played.
  11. Black Mirror
    by Seldom
    Digital Echoes Digital Echoes
    On here you get well crafted melodic hard rock in the mould of Dead Letter Circus, 10 Years and The Butterfly Effect. Production is a key element in this genre and the results on this EP are up there with the best of them. Packs a punch with a real warm and expansive sound. Best given good volume. Each track creates its own strong case for favouritism so it was hard to pick just one, the memorable hook in 'Digital Echoes' got me though. Can picture these going down a treat in a live setting.
  12. Shadow Boxing
    by Scotti Bishop
    40 Ouncez (Prod. Atti XIV) 40 Ouncez (Prod. Atti XIV)
    Feels strange using the words 'classic sound', but for my generation it was now some 15- 20 years when out tastes were defined, and these songs do take me back a bit to that 90's era when I was first exploring this genre. It's a direct & raw sound, not so often heard nowadays as everything gets over produced and lacks that real feel. Variety is strong in both music & lyrics, a track for all tastes as no two songs sound the same making repeat listens a breeze. Solid!
  13. Maini & Magneto Dayo - Second Chance
    by Maini Sorri
    Second Chance Second Chance
    Adding to her diverse award winning catalogue, Maini teams up with Magneto Dayo a second time on this track. New York Hip Hop mixed with Swedish Pop. On paper it probably shouldn't work, however it only takes one listen to stick in your head, and when the instrumental version starts playing - you will be singing. Be it the upbeat party style music, or the hook filled infectious chorus. You''ll have no troubles remembering this one.
  14. Out of Fuel, Out of State
    by Homeless Romantics
    Rest in Pieces Rest in Pieces
    Great music! R.I.P. is my favorite song
  15. And So It begins
    by Perception The Author
    Circus Circus
    There's nothing like raw and honest lyrics to slap you around a little. Pay close attention on these tunes because they are driven by the vocal lines right from the get go. Closer you listen, the more you will take from it. Sure, there are no shortage of hooks musically, but I think you'll get the most out of these songs by listening closely to the numerous stories being delivered. Production wise everything is well delivered and sounds a treat, nothing hogs the mix and given volume works best!
  16. Synergy
    by Mike Dekleva
    Midnight Sky Midnight Sky
    Well crafted arrangements are the order of the day here. Alot of instrumental guitar rock is very 'solo focused' which can get repetitive. While still front & centre, guitar doesn't hog the mix on here. Bursting with melody & delivered by talented players, there are no shortage of hooks on offer to have these songs stick in your mind & cry out for repeat listening. You don't always need a voice to construct a story & Synergy is hard proof of that. Listen close & see which path it takes you on.
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  17. Don't Mind Us: 4 Years Celebration
    by Various Mind Field Artists
    Brave The Woods (Nicholas D Remix) Brave The Woods (Nicholas D Remix)
    I love keeping an eye on the sounds of various underground scenes around the world & this well crafted compilation showcases selections from the Berlin label. The fact that a lot of these are unreleased cuts makes you want to dig around more as everything on here is high quality & sequenced in a way that it flows perfectly. A unique mix of beautiful sounds that you can just sit back and get lost in. Close your eyes, create your own 2.5hr journey guided by these pure, emotional & quality sounds.
    A very productive unit, this album sits in the grungey, slacker rock, shoegaze type pigeonhole, but isn't really typical of just one main sound. Lots of variety on offer and the opening two tracks are probably the best place to start to get an idea what you are in for. I love that they can produce a real crushing / heavy and almost uncomfortable sound without it going for the kill, a sign of great musicianship. You'll need to give some tracks more time than others, but it'll be worth it.
  19. The Shoreline Sessions
    by Weapons of Minor Disruption
    A Live One A Live One
    A challenging listen (in a good way). Slow moving, dark and not straight out of the textbook is what gives these songs character.
  20. Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision
    by The Unravelling
    Out of the Depths Out of the Depths
    I'm a sucker for a strong production, If it sounds great loud, that's my first tick and I'll give two for this. A real big sound without being all up in your face, you can hear everything going on, and there is quite a lot. From its calmest moments, to its most confronting, this album has a message and delivers it in style. I'd love to hear these songs in a live environment, I think they'd really shine. Dark, moody and powerfully bold in sound. Both thumbs up here!
  21. Brazilian Dreams ft. Kenji & Telepathy
    by Helldogs Kris
    A great beat straight out of the gates, and a super catchy mid section highlight this one. Lyrically it all flows really well and paints the right picture. The hook is evident as soon as the female vocal kicks in and sticks like glue. You'll try and hit the note singing along but never sound as good. Simple, but ever so effective. The overall vibe is both a little old and new school blended together just right to create a real banger of a tune that makes a great starting point for this album.
  22. Ocean Maniacs EP
    by Wondercat
    Pussy Burner Pussy Burner
    Short blasts of DIY punk rock, not in the typical 1,2,3,4 / 3 chord variety, but more in spirit of the genre. No, wait, this is probably more punk rock than most of what's around today. You'll go huh?, what?, why? and you'll know pretty fast if it's going to be for you or not. It'll offend some, and others will love it. Yup, it's punk rock alright. Catchy moments, brutal moments, loose moments, one thing's for sure, you won't forget it any time soon. Press play, I dare ya!
  23. Shake That Globe
    by Also, Dragons
    Snowglobe Snowglobe
    Listening to bands like this make me miss the days of the random 2am sets at Pony in Melbourne. Many discoveries found when you need that something different to keep the night kicking on. I can picture a pretty wild live show listening to these songs, and that loose audience being drawn to fling their limbs around as the band serve it up. Sick of bands playing it safe? Then this one is for you, let the trumpet draw you in, the vocals & lyrics make you think, and the groove.. it'll get you up.
  24. Kicks
    by The Vinylheads
    A bright pop-rock discovery. With this album I'm hearing hints of bands like Constantines, The Thermals and The Hold Steady come through in the sound which is well crafted both musically and lyrically. Obviously plenty of time has been spent getting these songs just right before recording. Hooks in all the right places and enough variety to maintain your interest right through the album with no urge to hit the skip button. 'If I Should' & 'Kicks' would not be out of place at all on radio.
  25. Debut EP
    by Parker's Music
    Opening Opening
  26. retrailing
    delorean (av död) delorean (av död)
    Listening to this first thing in the morning provides a good boost of energy. You can't help but to move around as these bright sounds get you tapping along. There is absolutely nothing predictable about it. One minute, bouncing off the walls (av dod), next that brightness turns slow and brooding (retrailing). It's difficult to select a favourite, as each track really does have its own charms & with multiple listens new things jump out at you each time. Love the lack of a set formula.
  27. Emptiness
    by Sebastien Project
    Emptiness (Soundtrack Ver.) Emptiness (Soundtrack Ver.)
    Two great takes on a strong piece of well constructed music. Sounds that let your mind wander. There is no path to follow and with headphones on, and eyes closed, you really can choose your own adventure with this. The soundtrack version being a slow, building ride, while the alternative version has a bit more pace, twists and turns. The production quality is spot on and works well at all volumes. Give it a listen and see just which direction it takes you.
  28. STOP
    by The Forgotten 45's
    Pink Azaleas Pink Azaleas
    A real classic sound with a modern production is what is on offer here. There's a nice mix of sounds, but it was the really bright tracks, 'Pink Azaleas', 'Mistress', & 'Fragile Beauty' that stole my attention most. Hooks & Harmonies galore! 'Don't Cry' is another winner that sticks right away showing they can do it slower too. Across the board these songs are really strong, definitely no filler. It'll spark conversation if you put it on around friends. Definitely not background music. Well done
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  29. DreamWakers
    by Lucid
    Birds Fly Like Lovers Do Ft Managan (Prod.Mornings) Birds Fly Like Lovers Do Ft Managan (Prod.Mornings)
    Lyrically driven Hip-Hop is what's on offer here. I enjoyed the wide range of sounds used, definitely not a generic listen, and obviously has had plenty of time spent getting all the elements just right. Hints of classic hip hop, with dashes of the modern variety also appearing. Very easy to jump straight into a repeat listen too. The production is strong too, play this one loud for best results. Really impressive collection on offer here, give it a listen, plenty of highlights.
    This sound is making a bit of a welcome comeback at the moment, and when done well can be very mesmerising. It's very easy to get lost in the guitars on this one, the tone and production really makes you feel like you are right there in the mix. Great! These songs won't be instant 'jump out and grab you' types, but once you've had a few listens, the real charm shines through & you realise just how well crafted they are. If you like Swervedriver, Screamfeeder, Dinosaur Jr. & co, check this out.
  31. When the Lights Go Out
    by Those Shadow People
    When the Lights Go Out When the Lights Go Out
    I love a band who goes beyond the standard release. Artwork is always something that grabs me, a nice cover here, but the addition of a comic book too? I'm in! Musically, this is a catchy set of easy listening tunes that have been well crafted & are quite intricate. Not just a single + filler type effort, all songs on here push a strong case for the lead. Put it on at your next gathering, it'll be background music that steals the conversation. Gets better each listen too, give it a few runs.
  32. [RVR0217]Ashworth
    by To The Lovers, Farewell
    Turin Theatre Turin Theatre
    Good to hear some more sounds coming through, this time around a bit more gritty and boundary pushing. At times quite harsh on the ears, but in a good way. The one take nature of it all is impressive and adds to the frantic nature, and suspense as to what is coming along next. Variety is key to keeping engaged. Something lacking in a lot of sounds these days. Certainly something you need to be in the mood for, but when you are, definitely leaves a mark, which will scar.
  33. Off the Grid
    by LSD
    Go (feat. The Missus & Rob Shaker) Go (feat. The Missus & Rob Shaker)
    Straight out of the gates this album leaves a mark. 'Off The Grid' and 'Go' are instantly memorable, the latter certainly wouldn't be out of place on Triple J / community radio. 'Ol' School' and 'Alive Again' make a bangin' middle section while there is no easing up at the back end either. 'Slow Down' is breakneck pace and 'Rio' doesn't fail to bring the party vibe. A solid collection of well crafted and nicely produced tracks. Fans of previous work will welcome the return with open ears.
  34. Work In Progress
    by PSD
    Entertain Entertain
    This is a great collection of songs. The production values are very strong throughout, (give it some volume for best impact) & there is a lot of variety on offer that doesn't at all distract you as it jumps around. Interest maintained right through which isn't an easy thing to do. Obviously a lot of care was taken to ensure everything is spot on, right down to the flow of the tracklist. My go-to picks would be 'Entertain', '10 Bands' & 'All That Mattered'. Definitely a talent, get on board.
  35. Sea Bee Key
    by Tyler Akin
    Sea Bee (feat. Michael McGough) Sea Bee (feat. Michael McGough)
    Great to hear some fresh material! Two pop-rock explosions here that don't disappoint. Love the big bold intro on 'Sea Bea', really sets the tone and is backed up by an infectious chorus & powerful end. Banger. Takes a few listens for 'Key To The Summer' to grow, but once it does, there's no losing the hook from my mind. Feeling a slight American Hi-Fi vibe, wouldn't be out of place as the 'party' track in a college style movie. Boy gets the girl, and party they shall. Great tracks all round.
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  36. Be True ( EP )
    by Malan Jones
    Be True Be True
    Right from the start this gives off a really bright / happy vibe but also has strong messages, and that doesn't let off throughout. Production is A++ and the vocals are on point. Such an easy sound to get into that sticks in your head. Take the soulfullness of Aloe Blacc & Cody Chesnutt, throw in a unique flavour & you get these well crafted tunes. They certainly wouldn't be out of place on the radio next to the big names. Stole my attention instantly. Well done, already can't wait for more.
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  37. Gentlemen's Curse Lifted Long Version
    by Third Thought
    Digging the whole late 90's / early 00's indie vibe about this track. The vocals have that unique / quirky nature, not to dissimilar to the likes of what Piebald / Reggie & The Full Effect were doing, but with your own touch. The music is simple but very effective, very easy to remember and follow. Tapping along in no time. Love the late change up / ending too, works a treat.
  38. iWitness
    by Speed on the Beat
    Speed on the Beat's new song picks up where his others left off, leaving listeners anticipating the full album's release in August. "iWitness" continues the "commercial break" theme of his previous leaks and plays witness to the growth of a man, mentally and otherwise.
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  39. [RVR0212] Dude.
    by To The Lovers, Farewell
    The Garden As Tended To The Garden As Tended To
    Interesting soundscapes on offer here, music that lets your mind do the wandering as you go through the tracks. Definitely headphone listening material, and throw it on when you have time to kick back, and think. Mostly lengthy songs but don't let that put you off, you will not lose interest, and they flow consistently. A welcome alternative to the current trend of substanceless music. Keep on creating!
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  40. Take Your Time
    by Electric Kif
    Labrats Labrats
    Some seriously tight musicianship right here. Clearly all the players know their stuff. Fun, funky and not lacking in power either, a well crafted song for all occasions on this. 'Labrats' has party anthem painted all over it, if it doesn't get your feet moving then you are a hard one to please. Dance floor winner I bet. I can picture a real fun night at a live performance, these songs have some serious life about them. Grab your girl during 'Hacky Sack' and she'll be like butter. Smooth!
  41. Demore Ason
    by D'Anthony T.
    Clap Clap Clap Clap
    This is a go-to when you are in the mood to just kick back, perfect early morning listen. Great flow between tracks, each one offering something different from the last, so your interest is maintained right throughout. The production is slick & the music almost calming. Sounds great in headphones as well as when given some volume on speakers. I can picture this playing in the early hours of a club when everyone is all raged out & just want to ease into the next day. Well worth a purchase.
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  42. Gent Pop.
    by Tyler Akin
    Hometown Christian Rockstar Hometown Christian Rockstar
    Instantly memorable indie rock / pop tracks that I'd file around the Modern Baseball, Anberlin, Straylight Run and Copeland sections of my collection. The production is especially strong here, often this sound can come across a little 'empty', but Tyler had got it right here and it sounds great. The vocal hooks in 'Hometown Christian Rockstar' are a highlight, a chorus The Get Up Kids probably wish they'd written. You know most of the words by the second listen and will be singing along.
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  43. Warm Decorated Time
    by kermukine
    Sky Lanterns Sky Lanterns
    This is a great collection of music that flows just right. The tracks are lengthy but hold your attention right through, it was over before I knew it and I am straight back to play through again. I can picture this going down really well in a chilled out bar setting behind conversation. Strong production values, listen to it with headphones to really hear all that is going on.
  44. CUNT / 2015 / SINGLE
    by JMAA
    how sick can we become how sick can we become
    Cool selection of sounds brewing across these tracks. love the energy that bursts from 'How Sick Can We Become', cool visuals going on when the eyes close. Less energy, but still a captivating sound on 'Arthas', cool beat happening. The Intro 'Ode' sets the tone in a way you aren't sure what's to come, but want to stick around for. Good production, sounds best loud.
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  45. That's The Thing Is Like...
    by Chumped
    Hot 97 Summer Jam Hot 97 Summer Jam
    this is such a fun, bubbly sound. Best random stumble on type discovery on bandcamp so far. Come tour Australia!