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  1. I Fall To Pieces
    by Maini Sorri
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    After a slow-building, atmospheric introduction, 'I Fall To Pieces' explodes into a slightly unexpected, but pleasing bright burst of pop goodness the moment the vocal kicks in. Unexpected, in that the lyrics are quite sad, so it is an interesting mix. The hooks capture your attention instantly, almost away from the music, but then it fights back courtesy of a guitar solo front and centre. By the end, the main lyrics have stuck in your mind. Bright delivery of a sad song. I like it.
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  2. Rust
    by Christopher Bell
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    Gone Gone Gone Gone
    There is no turning your ear away from this one, such a wide variety of sounds keep things interesting right through. No pigeonhole suits that's for sure. There are moments of The Black Keys, You Am I, William Elliot Whitmore and even a hint of Arctic Monkeys, all with a unique twist. From the calm, to the super gritty, it is all covered here. It certainly smashes down the barrier of what you'd expect when you hear 'Cello' mentioned. Really well produced tracks that sound great with volume.
  3. American Sojourn
    by Rosewood Creek
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    Latest Regret Latest Regret
    Picture a lazy Sunday afternoon out in the sun, a few drinks on ice and good company. You'll need some tunes for that, and the soundtracl to your afternoon is here! Smooth, easy listening tunes jumping between male and female vocal with a cool storytelling vibe about it all. 'Latest Regret' and 'Crooked River Sojourn' would be my highlights, both showing off the variety of sounds on offer that hold your attention. Now, where'd I put that wine and picnic basket.. I'm taking this outside!
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  4. Self-Titled
    by American Lust Junkies
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    Another Day Wasted Another Day Wasted
    A classic take-no-prisoners hard rock sound with this album. Production is heavy on the bottom end, as all good hard rock should be, but not at the expense of other parts. Everything blends together nicely here. Take a few parts Danzig, a splash of Rose Tattoo and a shot of Alice In Chains, then drink straight if you want an idea of what to expect. It's raw, may not go down easy, but you'll remember the after effects and come back for another. A refreshing take on a classic sound, well played!
  5. King
    by Katana Cartel
    track 00:00/00:00
    Solid intro sets the tone for this one, easy to nod the head along to. A real big sound production wise, bass nice and rumbling and the vocals not lost in the mix which is great. Just when you think you know where the song is going, all hell breaks loose in the final minute, an awesome twist to the track which I'm picturing is all kinds of fun watching it played live. Nice and heavy with hooks in all the right places. Solid track.
  6. White Liar [Single]
    by Harbour Grace
    White Liar White Liar
    A welcome return from the band with this new single. Crunchy riffs, soaring vocals and a blazing solo. All the right ingredients for a solid rock track. The production is on point with a real powerful bottom end complimenting the vocals, given volume it'll give the speakers a nice tickle for sure. The hook has no problems sticking in your mind, and if you don't bust out the old air guitar or give the head a bit of a bang while listening you are a hard one to please. Well played!
  7. EP/Demo
    by Coronal Mass Ejection
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Scent of the Moon Scent of the Moon
    Whole lotta noise for a three piece going on here, just the way I like it! If pushed, I'd place this somewhere between bands like We Lost The Sea and Pelican, but with a nice unique flavour. Very easy to get lost in the wide soundscapes and unlike a lot of instrumental stuff it never just disappears into the background as there is quite a lot going on. In fact it almost commands repeat listens, and each time you go back, you discover something new. Very high quality production too.
  8. Always You
    by Nymira
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    2014 2014
    This is a great chillout album that is great to have handy in those times where you just need something that doesn't always demand full attention. The production is great and the way the tracks are sequenced makes for a great flow. Variety is what I love most, 21 tracks is alot, but there are no moments where the quality drops, or you want to hit skip. Obviously very personal in nature which adds to the charm of these well crafted pieces of music. Listen loud or softly & it just works. Quality!
  9. Lonesome Dangers
    by Johnny Pants
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Danger Lights Danger Lights
    A nice warm and raw sounding album that has quite a bit going on beneath the surface proving you don't always need slick production values to deliver a great song / vibe. From the energetic 'Starlight' to the slower tracks like 'Feeling Lost' there is a nice amount of variety on offer style wise. My highlight is where both bleak and bright combine in 'Danger Lights' to provide a really hypnotising sound, almost Bowie like. Give it a few spins to let it grow on you.
  10. [TTLF004] Casablancan Slut
    by To The Lovers, Farewell
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Eastern Stamp Eastern Stamp
    There are manly prolific artists out there, but very few who are constantly raising the bar. I love the "new release from To The Lovers, Farewell is available" e-mails from bandcamp as you never know what to expect and that anticipation ensures you listen close and right through each time. Moments will challenge you (and your speakers), but as with previous releases, this one oozes creativity and its unlikely you'll have anything like it in your collection. Well played.
  11. Black Mirror
    by Seldom
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    Digital Echoes Digital Echoes
    On here you get well crafted melodic hard rock in the mould of Dead Letter Circus, 10 Years and The Butterfly Effect. Production is a key element in this genre and the results on this EP are up there with the best of them. Packs a punch with a real warm and expansive sound. Best given good volume. Each track creates its own strong case for favouritism so it was hard to pick just one, the memorable hook in 'Digital Echoes' got me though. Can picture these going down a treat in a live setting.


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