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Rowland Rose

  1. Granger, Indiana
  2. Electronic
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  1. Soliduo
    by sevennineteen
    Solouno Solouno
  2. Not Today: 2007-2015
    by Freeze Etch
    Creeping Dose Creeping Dose
    Words to describe these tracks: Brooding, energetic, thought provoking, industrial, slow build, dreamy, cyperpunk, distopia, frisson
  3. oʊʃənz
    by sevennineteen
    oʊʃən/ɪˈskeɪp oʊʃən/ɪˈskeɪp
    Two casual and interesting synth pieces. Good background music.
  4. II
    by Wax Stag
    Race to the Lake Race to the Lake
    Sometimes minimalism is just boring and meditative, but in the case of this Wax Stag album, minimalism simply means having a very good musical reason for each part of a track. And that makes this album feel very fresh, pure, powerful and catchy. I'd be very interested to read more interviews of Wax Stag and his
    music production process.
  5. Whalemary 7"
    by Yellow Ostrich
    This song will forever remind me of when my wife and I were dating. And that time we saw you in concert! My wife still wears her Yellow Ostrich shirt.