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  1. Loveliness
    by Harrison Lipton
    Loneliness Loneliness
    I originally purchased this for the cheap price of its vinyl but have since fallen in love with it. Loveliness is such a trip from start to end and I highly recommend it to anyone who happens to come upon it!
  2. Doubts in a Timelapse
    by Uleria
  3. Bowl of Plums
    by Ben Seretan
  4. Two Mountains
  5. Firework
    by n e w g o d
  6. I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good
    by Sam Ashley & Werner Durand
  7. Bad Hand
    by littler
  8. If You Were There
    by Salt Creek
  9. Compilation Vol. 1
    by Mystery Circles
  10. Joy, Departed
    by Sorority Noise
    Art School Wannabe Art School Wannabe
    Joy, Departed's CD was the first music related physical I ever purchased and I have yet to regret it. Art School Wannabe is my favorite song off of It, though they all are good.
  11. Nightmare Afternoon
    by Jagged Leaves
  12. SYNTHPUNK Fanzine
    by Glass Retina
  13. Good Neighbor
    by Jolly Rancher
  14. Everybody's Coming Down
    by The Good Life
  15. Dimensions
    by Dustin Lovelis
  16. Big Car
    by shya
  17. Houseplants
    by houseplants
  18. Pets Hounds
    by Pet Symmetry
  19. Illinois
    by Sufjan Stevens
  20. Gemini
    by Wild Nothing