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  1. Mortals
    by Savant
  2. Vario
    by Savant
  3. Slasher
    by Savant
    Slasher II Slasher II
  4. Calypso
    by Blanco
    Quatro Quatro
  5. Highlander
    by Aleksander Vinter
    Bonnie Bonnie
  6. ToBySeason Vol. 1
    by -ToBy- (prod. Datakrash)
  7. SAVAGE (EP)
    by Datakrash
    Rampage Rampage
  8. Online
    by Vinter
  9. Owlboy Theme (Savant Remix)
    by Jonathan Geer
  10. Alchemist
    by Savant
    Melody Circus Melody Circus
  11. Retro Bundle
    by Spray & Play Games
    Space Girl - Zero Gravity - 01 - Title Screen Space Girl - Zero Gravity - 01 - Title Screen
  12. Bass for Autism Vol. 2
    by Bass For Autism
    Synesthesia Synesthesia
  13. Blank Banshee 1
    by Blank Banshee
    B:/Infinite Login B:/Infinite Login
  14. Jester (2018 Remaster)
    by Savant
    Tricks Tricks
    I was a bit weary of this album going in, thinking that it was just an attempt to quell all the cries for "Alchemist 2, but after having listened to it, I can safely say that is not the case! Horde is simultaneously onbeat and offbeat (somehow), Cake sounds like what happens when you professionally roll around on your keyboard, and Tricks is just... beautiful. Add in the bouncy Jester and whatever Sweet is, and you have one of the best Savant albums, period.
    by Savant
  16. Bassooka
    by Twistex
    Dream of You (feat. Savant) Dream of You (feat. Savant)
  17. LUME
    by Twistex
    Frozen Flames (Ft. Savant & Gino Sydal) Frozen Flames (Ft. Savant & Gino Sydal)
  18. Breakout
    by FWLR & Twistex
  19. Without Borders
    by FWLR & Twistex
    Like A Pro (Feat. Stogy 1) Like A Pro (Feat. Stogy 1)
  20. Overworld
    by Savant
    Arcade Night Cruise Arcade Night Cruise
  21. Outcasts (VIPS)
    by Savant
    Arrival (VIP) Arrival (VIP)
  22. Outcasts (UNRELEASED 2)
    by Savant
    Snowl Snowl
  23. Outcasts (UNRELEASED)
    by Savant
    End Of An Era End Of An Era
  24. Outcasts (DEMOS)
    by Savant
    Royality (Demo) Royality (Demo)
  25. ISM
    by Savant
    Prelude Prelude
  26. Vybz
    by Savant
    Troll Troll
  27. Get It Get It (Ft. Snoop Dogg)
    by Savant & DMX
  28. Cassette [Single]
    by Savant
  29. Fire [Single]
    by Savant
  30. Forsaken (Single)
    by Savant
  31. Savior [Single]
    by Savant
    Savior [Single] Savior [Single]
  32. Cassette [Single]
    by Savant
  33. Alchemist - Face Off
    by Savant
  34. Fire [Single]
    by Savant
  35. Origin (Remix)
    by Savant
  36. Slasher
    by Savant
  37. Bajo
    by Blanco
    Polvo (Ft. SVNR) Polvo (Ft. SVNR)
  38. Savant - Starfish (Blanco Remix)
    by Blanco
    by Savant
    Thank You - Hostile Makeover Thank You - Hostile Makeover

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