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  1. Traveler - A Journey Symphony
    by Austin Wintory & London Symphony Orchestra
    salt flats pt. 2 salt flats pt. 2
    if shoji meguro and hip tanaka ever had a kid, that kid would sound a lot like izuna drop. I love how the tracks combine high-octane jazz fusion with glitchy found sound textures
  3. Apertures
    by Sylvester Draggon Jr.
  4. Not Alone
    by Hassan DuRant
  5. Best Friend Forever (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Josie Brechner
  6. Breathe
    by Harpsona
  7. weak shit
  8. vol. 1
  9. Marble Cell
    by Sine Dive & MILLION SUNDAY
  10. jellyfish
    by Austin Miller
  11. Biomes I: Water
    by Megan Carnes
    Moonlit Beach Moonlit Beach
    Biomes I: Water by Composing Legend Megan Carnes evokes beautiful oceanic sounds with lilting strings and textural piano that will set your heart adrift, and send your troubles to sea. I especially enjoy the mystical quality of Moonlit Beach and how the music ebbs and flows like the tides. <3
  12. Bits & Pieces
    by Megan Carnes
  13. Fun Activities
    by StijnvanWakeren
    Dreamy Paper Tales Dreamy Paper Tales
    This whole album is super delightful! Dreamy Paper Tales is prob my favorite track for the soothing piano melody and relaxing train sounds <3
  14. Fit For a King (Original Soundtrack)
    by Josie Brechner
  15. Chicory: An Afternoon in Luncheon
    by Lena Raine
  16. ZED (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Alex Parrish & Terry L Williams
  17. Whimsies
    by Jason M. Yu
  18. Spectres: 6 Pieces for Piano
    by Jason M. Yu
  19. Bean and Pesto OST
    by Grahm Nesbitt
  20. Jamthology
    by Grahm Nesbitt