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  1. Servants In Heaven 7" (LUNGS-149)
  2. An Anthology of Dead Ends
    by Botch
  3. Espionage
    by divorcer
  4. The Garden Of Abandon
    by Monastery
  5. Six Song Demo
    by Rites of Spring
  6. Grass Stains and Novocaine (REMASTERED)
    by Seablite
  7. The Lone Gunman (LP Reissue)
    by IDAHO
  8. Nocturnal Heritage
    by Vanishing Amulet
  9. Don't Face A Problem...Burn It
    by Stillwell
  10. E.P.
    by The Goods
  11. More After We're Gone (10th Anniversary Remaster)
    by Signal Hill
  12. Forever
    by Vine
  13. Split LP
    by Wet the Rope/Icepield
    Good punchy garage punk that brings to mind late 70's LA punk, Warsaw, Angry Angles, Soft Pack and a host of bands on the old P Trash label. A bit punch-drunk, the songs are catchy, raw and a bedlam of noisy teenbeat-filtered punk tunes.
  15. Opus Quinquagenarian Vol. 1 & 2 Box Set
    by Justin Henry Rubin
  16. Fertile State
    by Blue Ocean
  17. Stories To Tell
    by The Hangmen
  18. In The Presence of Nothing
    by Lilys
  19. Weed and Weapons - dust from the dungeon floor (B sides and outtakes)
    by hemlock goblin
  20. Simply The Ape-Ettes
    by The Ape-Ettes