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  1. NJRM-019 King Dude "In The Eyes of The Lord / Why Must I Go On"
    by KING DUDE
    In The Eyes of The Lord (Country Version) In The Eyes of The Lord (Country Version)
  2. Children
    by Grouper
  3. Veles
    by Au Revoir
    The Bottom The Bottom
  4. All the Way
    by Diamanda Galás
    Round Midnight Round Midnight
    Diamanda hasn't failed us in over 30 years, and on this deconstructed LP her operatic-neo-archaic-avant-garde--fear/love-inducing artistic capacity is in full's raining, I am avoiding the news for the rest of the day, there is a whiskey in my hand, a cat by my side, a wife reading in a chair, and this LP is spinning its unnerving/comforting aural wonder on my turntable making it a wonderfully and beautifully strange Sunday afternoon...drink up!
  5. The Black Leather Glove
    by Funeral Party
    Coming Home Coming Home
    Not quite minimal-wave, but this post-punk outfit delivers a scintillating brand of barren dark-wave that has some of the genre's hallmarks like early Cure and the Mass Media roster of bands like Bat Nouveau & Annex, but there is a understated catchiness to the LP that strays a bit closer to German synth pop & contemporaries like White Hex, or like an odd mix of label-mates Night Sins and Depeche Mode at times, but all-in-all, a terrific release for sinking into my Sunday hangover with the cats
  6. Roht 7" (LUNGS-089)
    by ROHT
    Refur Lýgur Refur Lýgur
    Like listening to Greg Ginn cover Brainbombs songs that were recorded through a conch shell...on pills...which is all a great aural thing...makes me an odd mixture of happy & stabby
  7. Double Blind 7"
    by S.B.F.
    Disintegrate Disintegrate
    Reminding me of contemporaries like Black Panties, KBD trash punk and a liquor-wrecked interpretation of a garage rock Wire. Great stuff to fall down to...highly recommended!
  8. ST 7"
    by S.B.F.
    Halved Snake Halved Snake
    Rad single! The most obvious comparison is Angry Angles with its punctuated punk rock guitar stabs, but I also hear the ire of Pissed Jeans, aspects of the Total Punk roster of slop-punk, the clinically repressed rage of A Frames, the minimal snarl of The Spits and a much more vexed scorched Earth Devo...all with an incredible diversity of programmed drum beats...oh wait, strike that last part..prog rock it ain't motherfuckers!
  9. Time Flies + Rats
    by Subhumans
    Get Out Of My Way Get Out Of My Way
    The early 80's UK punk scene had some great bands, but maybe none better than the Subhumans who managed to take driving, catchy, biting punk rock, polemical lyrics & infused it with wry humor and a 'call to arms.' what's awesome (or sad if seen in the light that our shitty world hasn't changed much in 30 years) is that the social commentary has never been more relevant than now & the music still sounds incredibly fresh as I sing along to 'Joe Public' and make tofu tacos
  10. Like Author, Like Daughter
    by Midwife
    Song for an Unborn Sun Song for an Unborn Sun
    Easy contender for LP of the year so far. The anthemic ennui of bands like Planning for Burial and the druggy parts of Have a Nice Life mixed with the pensive lullabies of MJ Guider / Kranky Records bands, the unnerving pensiveness of Grouper and a warm kind of spacey-anesthetized-slow-core version of the Spinanes at times (kind of a stretch, but I swear I heard it in there).
  11. EP-LP
    by Subhumans
    Parasites Parasites
    This download came with my vinyl purchase of this essential singles collection, which is awesome. I used to have a Subhumans shirt back in 1995 when I was 16; I was full of venom, mad at the government, disgusted by religion, full of alcohol, petulantly sarcastic and in love with UK band's massively influential take on 2nd wave punk rock, and now, 21 years later...nothing has changed...except I don't have that old Subhumans shirt anymore...suppose I could buy one. Punk rock uber alles!
    by Waveless
    DREAMING JOAN OF ARC (as your animus) DREAMING JOAN OF ARC (as your animus)
    I bought the band's other vinyl at Dead Media Records and then had to get this release on Bandcamp. Best post-neo-shoegaze band in existence right now. Dark, spidery, creative and goth-y, reminding me of contemporaries like a more saturated Psychic Teens, or the Sacred Bones roster of killer post-punk bands. Think a muddier Fields of Nephilim mixed with a more art-punk / Jay Mascis guitar oriented 'Loveless' era MBV & the sadly unknown, but brilliant Sub Pop band, Frausdots.
  13. Demo 2014
    by Numenorean
    Let me in Let me in
    A unique and memorable take on hopelessly depressive post-Alcest black metal. Elements of blackgaze are there, but it's so much more than that in its grave beauty. A haunting dichotomy of almost hymnal laments, sepulchral screaming with top-notch musicianship that employs a wide swath of styles that seamlessly moves from hushed, contemplative moments to violent absolving emotional catharsis.
  14. Long Arms 10"
    by Insect Ark
    Long Arms Long Arms
    Taking a cue from the aural darkness of 'Great Annihilator' Era Swans, this droning band creates muddy, eerie, strangling soundscapes that could almost be the instrumental parts of 'Psalm 69' era Ministry played on a walkman with the batteries running down...good stuff...beautifully packaged 10" as well!
  15. Witness Protection Program E.P.
    by The Snubs
    Witness Protection Program Witness Protection Program
    This is punk rock...the word 'core' does not need to be appended to any other descriptor for The Snubs. It's not a confusing pastiche of musical genres. Nope, it's fucking punk rock: it's catchy, it's vaguely political but strongly snarky, it's surpisingly refreshing in a world full of post-post-post-whatever-post-core, which is fine, but I still like drinking beer and jumping around the room loudly listening to 7" singles & this will get its share of Hamm's drinking bedlam. Great stuff.
  16. Dancing Chrome
    by Night Sins
    Crystal Blue Crystal Blue
    I did some day drinking today & as I was walking home from the bar through the city I head-phoned this, and I wanted to drunkenly dance on my way home as this Soft Moon, Sisters of Mercy, Captured Tracks inspired band was throbbing its stunning brand of dark, druggy, post-death rock coldwave splendor into my happily whiskey awakened ears, so good!...but I only danced in my head...because I live in a city and have to always seem aloof and fun allowed ya know
  17. Days On Shimmer And Drip
    by Night Sins
    You Keep Me Hangin' On You Keep Me Hangin' On
    I mean, do covers get any better than the 'you keep me hanging on,' rendition here? I dunno, but this gloom-core dark-wave band nails it along with the rest of this head-bobbing-yet-head-in-hands EP.
  18. I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone
    by Chastity Belt
    Different Now Different Now
    Lovely Slumberland Records style indie-garage-pop done with a really nice punk-y production tone. Good stuff!
  19. Nightmares at Dawn
    by XASTHUR
    Spoken in Vibes of Coldness Spoken in Vibes of Coldness
    I kinda gave Xashur a break for a few years as I played them a ton about a decade ago. But I have been going back through Malefic's catalogue and his canon holds up extremely well, especially the first 4 LP's. So I decided to delve into this odds n' sods collection and it does not disappoint . This version of 'Suicide in Dark Serenity,' is especially gripping. For Xasthur fans, this is a must, for newbies, start with 'Nocturnal Poisoning,' and make your way here after you've digested his oeuvre
  20. A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
    by Xasthur
    Intro Intro
    I've had this on vinyl for over a decade,but I wanted a copy to headphone on my slightly buzzed long dog walks. An indisputable classic and the 2nd best release from Malefic after 'Nocturnal Poisoning.'
  21. Witness
    by Makthaverskan
    Witness Witness
    'Witness' is a killer post-punk song with extracts of the Banshees, catchy 60's proto-punk and a shading of a rawer, tougher sounding Raveonettes. Great stuff. The b side is a different version of a song off their last LP, and well, let's just say it's not a 7" I'll be flipping over much, but the A side is an absolute winner.
  22. Split
    by Planning For Burial/ Mother Room
    When We Were Ghosts When We Were Ghosts
    PBR's unique brand of slowcore adds a little Sabbath influence, and, go figure, it fucking works!
  23. Arms in Twilight
    by Lakes
    The Rose Window The Rose Window
    Martial folk akin to such luminaries as Sol Invictus but a bit noisier, almost slightly punk rock in spirit, and though this isn't up there with the discovery of fire, it's a good headphone listen while walking the dogs after a couple beers.
    Klaus Barbie Klaus Barbie
    For a band so ostensibly offensive as to have their LP's blocked from sale on Discogs, their LP's are peculiarly warm and create a more tempered harsh noise than some of their more shrill brethren. This is a series of mesmeric flat lines, measured and sometimes harrowing static and hum buttressed by the militant orations of German villainy and an almost cartoonish surface turpitude...absolutely love to track down the insane priced vinyl!
  25. : ARCHIVE I :
    This is like receiving transmissions from the (more benevelonet?) 35th Reich as sent from a bleak corner of the darkest recess of a stentorian universe of oddly hypnotic noise-propaganda
  26. Austere
    by Pedestrian Deposit
    Meander Meander
    A resonant and measured ambient / noise LP of astounding nuance and disquieting grace that in some ways is a perfect amalgamation of the textured subtlety of Tim Hecker mixed with the droning crackle of rasping peregrine static and plangent drones. Headphones not required, but certainly recommended.
  27. Dove [Stress Waves split]
    by Planning For Burial
    Dove Dove
    Like listening to a laconic Spiritualized as strained through the filmy lens of warm post-doom-Low-meets-Nadja splendor.
  28. Below the House
    by Planning For Burial
    Whiskey and Wine Whiskey and Wine
    Never making the same LP twice, PFB make a dark killing with this, dreamy, angry, droning, besmirched, doom -gaze LP that is full of succinct, measured songwriting that adds another layer to the strata of amazing released PFB have under their belt...fucking fantastic1
  29. You Know What It's Like
    What You Gonna Do Now? What You Gonna Do Now?
    Like a hypnotic soundtrack to the witching hour, where elements of sedulous noise, experimental pop, cheery dark wave and gentle drones artfully coalesce into a thoroughly fantastic listen!
  30. Split 7"
    by Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) / Joie De Vivre
    Since You Left Home On Your Journey, Things Have Changed Around Here Since You Left Home On Your Journey, Things Have Changed Around Here
    As much as I love Darkthrone, Crass and Merzbow, I always have a half-drunken broken heart that loves the sappy sincerity of good ol' fashioned emo music, and since the the mid 90's nobody does it better than Empire...they should cover Darkthrone
  31. Scream Bloody Gore (Reissue)
    by Death
    Zombie Ritual Zombie Ritual
    A death metal LP that stands the test of time without a doubt at all!
  32. Human (Reissue)
    by Death
    Flattening Of Emotions Flattening Of Emotions
    Certainly more produved than the previous LP's, and, dare I say, almost rock n' roll at points. But also, one of the things that made Death great was they have this oddly hyper-technical punk rock vibe that still shines through! Great LP!
  33. Stay Behind
    Welcome Back Welcome Back
    Sometimes I just want to hear people scream about their frustrating existences...well done Droughts...heard!
  34. Droughts / William Bonney Split
    Class of '09 Class of '09
    In the wonderful tradition of Pianos Become the Teeth, mid 90's post-hardcore and Sed non Satiata comes Droughts firing their emotional veracity through beautiful turbulence and pensive catharsis. A very nice little EP....I went ahead and bought the new LP!
  35. Des Plumes dans la tête
    by Sylvain Chauveau
    Situation initiale Situation initiale
    If my cat made comp tapes, they'd be full of Sylvain Chauveau tunes...Perfect for laying on the floor indolently savoring sunbeams and thinking deeply of birds.
  36. Nocturne Impalpable
    by Sylvain Chauveau
    Blanc Blanc
    A beautiful and pensive collection of neo-classical that culminates in the LP's brilliant apex with the 9+ minute 'Nocturne Urbain.' Such a great record for sipping my whiskey, petting the dog and watching the unknown world go by my dirty city window at dusk.
  37. Rervm
    by Lotus Thief
    Aeternvm Aeternvm
    dreamy, well produced groove-tinted blackened doom
    Genocide Organ meets spatial drones and the humming thrums of dark, dissonant bliss!
  39. The New Testament
    by thisquietarmy
    Dogma Dogma
    An interesting single that's not the usual darkening dream-sludge they typically play, but more like little wordless Jesu songs if they were 3 1/2 minute drone-gaze anthems?
  40. Anthems For Catharsis
    by thisquietarmy
    Closure Closure
    Another great release, this time the Nadja-meets-Oren Ambarchi atmospherics are nicely supported by blackened drone and an almost structured sense of song arrangement (relatively of course), but the deconstructed eerie shroud of filmic drone that is 'closure' is the highlight of this LP!
  41. "Wired" B/W "Knucklehead"
    by LYSOL
    Wired Wired
    Seriously my favorite new punk band! Dirty, sodden, back-stabbing garage-y punk rock that has a sloppy yet focused 'fuck you,' brilliance. Timeless MRR punk rock! ('Wired' will be a great addition on KBD #328 in 2035). I just ordered the LP on Deranged...drinks for all!
  42. DEMO
    by LYSOL
    Desperate, hanging-by-a-thread, wonderfully sloppy punk rock that melds like 30 years of Northwest punk bands into a fiery brew of three unrestrained and intoxicated barbed missives
    Focused dark-wave-post punk that has some serious spine. This isn't afraid to incorporate the 'punk' part of post-punk, not so much in the instrumentation as much as in the underlying bleak-savagery and barroom-dance-floor vitality that separates it from much of the genre's current stalwarts. Maybe think Veil of Light if the songs were played twice as fast! Along with Moth (from Denmark), this is probably the best band playing this kind of music right now!
  44. Masturbation 7"
    by Masturbation
    To Drunk Too Masturbate To Drunk Too Masturbate
    Well, I was in this sloppy, flippant, East Bay punk rock influenced band, but this is great sodden 'fuck you' punk rock! I mean, 'Too Drunk to Masturbate,' is the ultimate mid 90's KBD Records hit waiting to happen (whenever they start doing mid-90's KBD Records). Often the best music IS made by drunken, angry, directionless teenagers with hats shaped like fists with 'beer' scrawled across the knuckles. side note: I don't know if I ever even listened to the other side of this 'split' 7"
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  45. Despues de VI
    by Annex
    Despues De VI Despues De VI
    Another great release from Mass Media Records. Annex is certainly indebted to the classic death rock genre (Flesh Eaters, Kommunity FX), current post-goth bands (Dead Cult, Lost Tribe) but also indebted to late 70's, early 80's California punk (Bags, Eyes), which really makes this a cool release