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  1. C:\>CHKDSK /F
  2. Labyrinth
    by Seven Mouldy Figs
    Sound 008 Sound 008
  3. Sun Drunk Moon
    by If Anything Happens To The Cat
    How To Walk Through The Fire How To Walk Through The Fire
  4. The Swirling Thoughts Of...
    by Sleepyheads
    The Swirling Thoughts Of... The Swirling Thoughts Of...
  5. Come Along Wind
    by Stray Dogg
    Away Away
  6. Strange wave galore
    by Radar men from the Moon
    Surrealist appearance Surrealist appearance
  7. Dobrodošli na okean
    by Repetitor
    U pravom trenutku U pravom trenutku
    Vrhunski bend, nezaboravljivog perfomansa te snažnog i šarmantnog vokala.

    Što drugi reći osim- Dobrodošli na okean!
  8. Bliss
    by Jonathan
    Pictures Pictures
    A chilling performance by a promising croatian indie band, making a impressive debut with their 12 track album, Bliss.

    With a sincere and catchy sound to the album, they bring out the best indie music has to offer. More to the fact, their grand debut came playing as a supporting act for The Editors, where they made quite a impression.

    If you're in need of change from the usual dullness that catches up after a while in the same genre, Bliss is the fresh solution you absolutely need to hear.
  9. Stranger in the Alps
    by Lost in the Riots
    The City Burned The City Burned
    Supreme post-rock/hardcore, bringing a mix of progressive and impressive jumps from deep, strong guitar riffs to slow, smoothing melodies. Each track builds up to a unique experience, following a impressive journey in exploration of the very limits of post-rock.

    With quite the gift for instrumental storytelling, this album is worth the money.
  10. To Future Miss Sunshine
    by Them Moose Rush
    Ravenholm Ravenholm
    Aspiring band from Croatia, with a kick ass vibe and strong solid vocals.

    Also, they put up quite the awesome show live.
  11. Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void
    by Spaces
    Edge of Forever Edge of Forever
  12. The Lion's Den
    by Twin Oaks
    Constellation Lines Constellation Lines
    Amazing vocals are the thing that originally drew me to this band. Smooth melodies and a chilly rhythm is the reason why I bought the album.

    My first love on the album was the track "Liars and Thieves", progressing slowly towards "Constellation Lines" which became my favourite track on the album.

    Great band, with a promising future.
  13. Chapter II: These Binds Will Set You Free
    by The Canyon Observer
    Part IV: And Drift Away Part IV: And Drift Away
  14. ...and so we destroyed everything
    by sleepmakeswaves
    to you they are birds, to me they are voices in the forest to you they are birds, to me they are voices in the forest

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