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  1. San Francisco, California
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Secrets of the Adept
    by Appalling
    Satan's Shaman Satan's Shaman
    Totally beautiful metal music. Very melodic too. amazing writing, I love everything about it
  2. Amplified Minds
    by The Cataclysmic Variable
    Brain in a vat Brain in a vat
    I love "brain in a vat" I listened first on soundcloud its transhumanist lyrics really speak to my soul, I feel our species, along with the computational technology it created, will be able to solve age-old problems and will be in a position to change the nature of mortality in a postbiological future,
  3. Hunting Astral Prey
    by Angelcide
    Raped Celestial Body Raped Celestial Body
    this is my idea of good mawnin' music, you guys are great
  4. Tiny Things
    by Somatoast
    Tiny Things Tiny Things
    this entire album is the boss sauce!