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  1. Tomorrows
    by Son Lux
  2. Sewer Idol Project
    by Sewerslvt
  3. The World Is Fvcked
    by Sewerslvt
  4. Hi High (Sewerslvt Remix)
    by LOONA
  5. An Obsession With Kit - EP
    by Graham Kartna
  6. Junko Loves You
    by Sewerslvt
  7. IRLY - EP
    by Sewerslvt
  8. Draining Love Story
    by Sewerslvt
  9. Square Planning, Wic Vol 1
    by Wic Recordings
  10. Pathétique Aesthétique
    by Roar
    Pavane for a Dead Prince Pavane for a Dead Prince
    This album interested me from the get-go, but (like most albums I love) took some time and some repeats to really grow on me. Now I really love it. Despite the gloominess of it, I think it might actually be good for my mental health / attitude. Catharsis for all the bad/sad vibes I can't express.

    It's also just really beautiful, in a delicate way.
  11. アンタラ通信
    by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
  12. Minecraft - Volume Beta
    by C418
  13. Minecraft - Volume Alpha
    by C418
  14. Time's End: Majora's Mask Remixed
    by Theophany
  15. Time's End II: Majora's Mask Remixed
    by Theophany
  16. Time
    by Louis cole
  17. IV
  18. Antibirth: OST
    by mudeth
  19. Reassemblage
    by Visible Cloaks
  20. the mondo zone
    by nelward