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Benedikt Gfeller

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  1. Fast Slow Fast (Maxi Single)
    by All XS
  2. Fluid Motion
    by 30/70 Collective
  3. REMO SEELAND - Hollow Body
    by Remo Seeland
  4. Underwater Panther
    by Pictureplane & Fish Narc
  5. Hospital Lullabies
    by Mueran Humanos
  6. Love Too Can Spread Like Thistles And Wildfire
    by Various Artists
  7. War With Boredom
    by Loot Camp
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. Kiri Variations
    by Clark
  10. Blue 06
    by Pugilist
    by flat earth recs
    the best band of all the time
  12. Underwater
    by Fatima
  13. Tape II
    by Slon
  14. Daniel Holt
    by L.I.E.S. Records
    Life of Insubordination Life of Insubordination
  15. The Destroyer - 1
    by TR/ST
    Grouch Grouch
  16. Lust for Youth
    by Lust for Youth
    Great Concerns Great Concerns
  17. Kneel Before Religious Icons (Remastered)
    by Vatican Shadow
    Chopper Crash Marines' Names Released Chopper Crash Marines' Names Released
  18. DEMO
    by 3ND7R
    angel with tribal wings angel with tribal wings
    blew me away in London at the final BLIND AUTHORITY show!
  19. Dedicated to Sublimity
    by E-Saggila
    Glass Wing Glass Wing
  20. Paradisaea
    by Oscar Mulero
    Adavre Adavre
  21. Shadows of Death and Desire
    by Silent Servant
    Optimistic Decay Optimistic Decay
  22. Built For Destruction
    by State Funeral
  23. Fade Out
    by Substance
    Old Ways Old Ways
  24. Disappearing In A Mirror
    Aphasic Semiotics Aphasic Semiotics
  25. Evolve
    by Ethan Fawkes
  26. 3SS3NC3 LP
    by T.K.N.Z
    Ancient Entities Ancient Entities
  27. LSC018 - Béton Armé S/T
    by LSC Records
    Hypocrite Hypocrite
    J'aimerais bien lire les lyrics!
  28. Isa
    by Croatian Amor
    Dark Cut (ft. Jonnine Standish) Dark Cut (ft. Jonnine Standish)
  29. SOLAS
    by Scandinavian Star
    Santosh Santosh
  30. Death Dreams
    by Blind Authority
    Would like to read the lyrics of these tracks.
  31. Promo 2019
    by Vile Spirit
    Leech Leech
    Best Band atm.
  32. Sueños Deceptivos
    by Tozcos
    Ideologías Ideologías
  33. Strange Feeling
    by The Wound
    The Wound The Wound
  34. Read A Book Instead
    by P E O P L E
    appears in 1 other collection
  35. Binasa EP
    by Sial
    Kerakap Kerakap
  36. Build Yourself Up So Many Times Only To Be Brought Down Again And Again EP
    by Hologram
    Simulation Simulation
  37. Tropisch Verlangen
    by Cybe
    Bali Pulau Bagus Bali Pulau Bagus
  38. Circles Of Hell Vol.1
    by V.A.
    X-Cell 02 - The Hanging Man X-Cell 02 - The Hanging Man
  39. The War Against The Machines
    by AWT
    Anti Commercieel Total-Loss Anti Commercieel Total-Loss
  40. Prokaryotic
    by Seleccion Natural
  41. KALI MALONE - Cast of Mind
    by Kali Malone
    Cast Of Mind Cast Of Mind
  42. Wizville
    by Ocean Wisdom
    Eye Contact Eye Contact
    favorite track: Life & Righteous (Feat. Rodney P & Roots Manuva)
  43. The Disintegration Loops
    by William Basinski
  44. Voice of the Higher Class
    by DESIRE
    Leash Leash
  45. Fire
    by Bella Boo
    LA Confidential LA Confidential