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  1. Legend of the Bone Carver
    by Pyramaze
  2. The Frozen Throne
    by Kalidia
  3. Heroes In Time
    by Metalite
  4. A Storm Is Coming
    by Bjorn Riis
  5. Blurring the Lines (a democracy manifest)(2018)
    by Ovrfwrd
  6. Decalogue of Darkness
    by Daal
  7. Blood Year
    by Russian Circles
  8. The Bell
    by iamthemorning
  9. Mercury Fountain
    by The Physics House Band
  10. Between Light & Space
    by One Sided Horse
  11. Amazingous
    by Cheeto's Magazine
  12. The Great War
    by Saul Blease
  13. Arms Open Wide
    by Mike Kershaw
  14. The Overview Effect
    by Jet Black Sea
  15. False Memory Archive
    by Oak
  16. Antenna
    by The Gift
  17. An Abandoned Orchid House (Digital)
    by RISE
  18. Fukushima Surfer Boys
    by Trojan Horse
  19. Truths, Lies & Half Lies
    by Mr So & So
  20. Monster EP (Released 2017)
    by KYROS
  21. :KTONIK:
    by Votum
  22. Grand Tour
    by Big Big Train
  23. Artifacts
    by Mother of Millions
  24. Mind Over Depth
    by Cosmograf
  25. Foreign Land
    by The Far Meadow
  26. Collision
    by Golden Caves
  27. Over The Top
    by JUMP
  28. Throne of the North
    by Antti Martikainen
  29. Northern Steel
    by Antti Martikainen
  30. The Sound of Courage
    by Antti Martikainen
  31. The Persistence
    by Kingcrow
  32. Eidos
    by Kingcrow
  33. Living Mirrors
    by Disperse
  34. Foreword
    by Disperse
  35. All Is As All Should Be
    by The Dear Hunter
  36. The Courage to Be
    by Lux Terminus
  37. The Courage to Be (Bonus Tracks)
    by Lux Terminus
  38. The Future In Reverse
    by starfish64
  39. The Imprisoned Words of Fear
    by Verbal Delirium
  40. Sugarstealer
    by Mr So & So
  41. Suite For Piano and Electronics
    by Matt Baber
  42. Now We Have Power
    by Sanguine Hum
  43. The Singularity
    by Reformat
  44. This City is London
  45. The Age of Insanity