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  1. Heavens Idleness Awaits
    by Michael Morley
  2. Visceral Realists
    by Bruce Russell & Luke Wood
  3. Spiral Wave Nomads
    by Twin Lakes Records
  4. Warning
    by Lite Storm
  5. Water & Rock Music Volumes 3–6
    by Jon Collin
  6. A Jar Full
    by Posset / Ulyatt
  7. The Little Room
    by Sophie Cooper
  8. Charlottesville, 10 April 2019
    by Jordan Perry & Jon Collin
  9. Washington DC, 11 April 2019
    by Sarah Hughes & Jon Collin
    by Neil Campbell
  11. Clay Tablets, Hoarded Creatures
    by Kelly Jayne Jones
  12. Luminophores
    by Gael Moissonnier
  13. Obscure Dank Self
    by Neil Campbell
  14. A Very Snug Joiner
    by Mad Timothy
  15. No Handshake Blues
    by Irma Vep
  16. Mistletoe & Cold Winter Skies
    by Was Ist Das?
  17. Spelk
    by Spelk
  18. Deep Breakfast
    by Basic Switches
  19. Dire Wolves - Paradisiacal Mind
    by Cardinal Fuzz Shop
  20. Shootout At The Dildo Factory
    by Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band)
  21. Live At Chunk
    by Sindre Bjerga & Stuart Chalmers
  22. What is Thunder
    by Jon Collin
  23. Bloodroot Spitball
    by Arkm Foam
  24. Tour Tape
    by Michael Potter
  25. Live At
    by MANAS
  26. Dire Wolves / Headroom
    by Dire Wolves / Headroom
  27. Elegaic
    by Alan Sondheim
  28. Woven Skull
    by Woven Skull
  29. Pure Touch Only From Now On, They Said So
    by Bridget Hayden
  30. 'Seaweed of Silk'
    by Posset & Crow Versus Crow
  31. Ressemblera
    by East of the Valley Blues
  32. The Shadow
    by Stuart Chalmers
  33. Swerve Through Time
    by Rambutan
  34. every day is the same
    by midwich
  35. three days in, four to go
    by midwich
  36. the brunt
    by midwich
  37. eye for detail
    by various artists
  38. running repairs
    by midwich
  39. new ways of saying yes
    by midwich
  40. my clearing head
    by midwich
  41. verdigris
    by midwich
  42. oTo/T50
    by midwich
  43. midwich & the skull mask
    by midwich & the skull mask
  44. tiny muscle
    by midwich
  45. raised ironworks
    by midwich