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  1. Magical Holiday
    by Snail's House
  2. Ordinary Songs
    by Snail's House
  3. Dream Castle (Tsundere Twintails Remix)
    by Ujico*
  4. The Dark
    by Towers and Trees
  5. Pixel Galaxy
    by Snail's House
    Pixel Galaxy Pixel Galaxy
  6. Ordinary Songs 2
    by Snail's House
    hot milk hot milk
  7. Stars
    by Andrew Huang
    Get Away Get Away
  8. Head Down Heart Up
    by Towers and Trees
  9. Foreign Bodies Redux
    by Jeremy Blake, Cuckoo, Rachel K Collier, Andrew Huang
    Foreign Bodies Triptych Foreign Bodies Triptych
    Super tough choice picking a favourite between all these amazing takes. Jeremy's and Andrew's hit my sweet spot for swells and crescendos. ;)
  10. Roses
    by Cœur de pirate
    Undone Undone
  11. Straight from the Underground
    by Tiny Waves
    His Theme His Theme
  12. Tucked in Terrified
    by Lindsay Bryan
  13. Feet First
    by Lindsay Bryan
  14. Skyscraper
    by Lindsay Bryan
    Catchy melody, lovely guitar, and extremely clever wordplay.
    appears in 1 other collection
  15. So Nice
    by Lindsay Bryan
  16. Out of Sight
    by Lindsay Bryan
  17. Mud Puddles
    by Lindsay Bryan
  18. Grizzly Timbers
    by Grizzly Timbers
    Dig Dig
    Hypnotic west coast musicality and strong first album. Love listening to this one by the water.
  19. Shelf Life
    by Grizzly Timbers
  20. The Orange Album
    by The New Groovement
    It's Alright It's Alright
  21. The Down EP
    by LABS
    Down Down
    Dramatic vocals and melodies that dig right in and rake up whatever's under your skin. Down feels like a living thing unto itself.
  22. Roll On
    by Fox Glove
    Hallelujah Hallelujah
    Spine-chilling harmonies and probably my favourite cover of Hallelujah ever.
  23. The Fox Glove EP
    by Fox Glove
    The Water Will Be Your Home The Water Will Be Your Home
  24. Coeur de pirate
    by Cœur de pirate
    Comme des enfants Comme des enfants
    Beautiful work, as always. A fantastic Canadian artist.
  25. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
    Favourite track is MEGALOVANIA by far!
  26. Wino Oracle EP
    by The Zolas
    Molotov Girls Molotov Girls
  27. The Wyrd Sisters
    by Tarantist
    Follow my Voice Follow my Voice
    Fantastic and creepy collection from a really astounding Fringe performance. Great to loop on a sound system during Halloween. Would be even better if they'd included a version with the echoing voice recordings but it stands well on its own.
  28. The West Coast
    by Towers and Trees
    We're Not Islands We're Not Islands
    A wonderfully soulful and layered album with some of the best they've done. Choosing a favourite track is really tough.
  29. FREE
    by Towers and Trees
  30. West Coast (Single)
    by Towers and Trees
  31. EP
    by Mystery Skulls
    Money Money
  32. Ultra Rare Vol 1
    by Mystery Skulls
    Get it Together (previously unreleased) Get it Together (previously unreleased)
  33. Letterman
    by The Gay Nineties
  34. Never Come Down
    by Brave Shores
  35. Take Your Heart (single)
    by ZERBIN
  36. Of Fools And Gold
    by ZERBIN
    New Earth New Earth
  37. Montreal (Live at Upstairs Cabaret)
    by Towers and Trees
  38. Broken Record
    by Towers and Trees
    We're Not Islands We're Not Islands
    Fantastic Canadian band with a good range of sound, from the fast and twangy Devil On The Highway to the rockin' piano in Montreal and the beautiful violin in We're Not Islands. Also a treat to hear live. Looking forward to the next album!