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  1. Confessions of a Justified Cynic
    by The Kimberly Steaks
  2. Chemical Imbalance
    by The Kimberly Steaks
  3. All in Vinyl single series
    by The Kimberly Steaks
  4. Do You Know Who You Look Like?
    by Incisions / Pizzatramp
    There are some lovely noises on this EP, glad I own a copy for my personal collection.
  5. Teeth Fall From The Open Eye
  6. Light my Byre
    by Peat & Diesel
  7. Uptown Fank
    by Peat & Diesel
  8. Recently Re-released
    by Spoilers
  9. Emotionally Unavailable
    by Rational Anthem
  10. Grand Relapse
    by Pizzatramp
  11. Blowing Chunks
    by Pizzatramp
  12. Grand Relapse
    by Pizzatramp
  13. What A Mess
    by The Murderburgers
  14. HardKore Document #1 Compilation
    by Compilation
  15. Pizzatramp / Domestics Discipline Split
    by Split, Pizzatramp and The Domestics
  16. Mad Monster Party
    by The Putz
  17. Nightmare On Misery Street
    by Question The Mark
  18. What A Mess
    by The Murderburgers
  19. Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan Plus 13 Songs
    by Pizzatramp
  20. Punk Rock Confidential Revisited
    by The Queers