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  1. Polaris
    by Arcane
    I like this, there is something inspired in this, even if it's early work.
  2. Connect
    by Planet Boelex
  3. Omega
    by Arcane
  4. "Numbers Of The Beast" (2020)
    by Richard Cheese
    by Carpenter Brut
  6. Six (Luxus)
    by Iris
  7. The Colors In The Wheel
    by Venus Hum
  8. Best Remodeled
    by Venus Hum
  9. Mechanics & Mathematics
    by Venus Hum
  10. Songs for Superheroes
    by Venus Hum
  11. Freedom To Obey (Hi-Res 24 bit)
    by Tommy '86
    I'm watching you I'm watching you
    Some of the tracks feel off, just like a dystopia.

    After some random listening, the very last part of "I'm watching you" just hooked me, tripping my old '70s Tangerine Dream sensors.
  12. Unreal - Extreme END + Main Title (Hexenkraft Remix)
    by Hexenkraft
  13. Arcane : Live @ E-day 2017
    by Arcane
    Fire Wings Fire Wings
    Explore a Tangent of older style Tangerine Dream live shows, of which this album has obvious influences. Fantastic trip!

    After the death of a good friend, the From Here to Oblivion Encore just tore into me fiercely, aptly capturing the sentiments of that event. Outstanding.
  14. Revenants
    by Arcane
  15. Innerstellar Jam
    by Dreamtime
  16. stranger_think
    by C418
  17. VGM-Like Metal Tracks
    by Sebdoom
  18. Mass Effect Interpretations
    by Sebdoom
  19. No Easy Way Out (metal cover)
    by Sebdoom
  20. We Simply... Are (Ft. Sovereign)
    by Sebdoom