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Bote Frederik Sijtsma

  1. Metslawier, Netherlands
  2. Metal
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  1. The Inveterate Fire
    by Firelink
  2. Will To Dominate All Life
    by Kommodus
  3. An Imperial Sun Rises
    by Kommodus
  4. wither.
    by Takamachi Walk
  5. Walk Beyond the Dark
    by Abigail Williams
  6. Занепад
    by svrm
  7. Magnitude of Extinction
    by Azoth
  8. A Tessitura of Transfiguration
    by Victory Over The Sun
  9. Machinations of Fate
    by Machinations of Fate
  10. Damp Chill of Life
    by NONE
  11. Lone (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    by OAK (Portugal)
  12. The Radiant Dark (Death/Doom Metal)
  13. Dialogues From Beyond
    by LIFELOST (Spain)
  14. Carrier Of Weight (Atmospheric Sludge/Doom Metal)
    by EREMIT (Germany)
  15. Damned In Endless Night (Death/Sludge Metal)
    by WARCRAB (UK)
  16. Leaden Light (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    by ILLIMITABLE DOLOR (Australia)
  17. Cloaked Climax Concealed (Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal)
    by 0N0 (Slovakia)
  18. Self-titled (Death/Doom Metal)
    by ESOGENESI (Italy)
  19. Lost Eternally (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
  20. God Has No Name (Death/Doom Metal)
    by HEX (Spain)
  21. The Death of Gaia (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    by OFFICIUM TRISTE (Netherlands)
  22. Compilation 2019
    by Solitude Productions
  23. These Mills Are Oceans
    by Sertraline
  24. Telesterion [instrumental]
    by Mechina
  25. Telesterion
    by Mechina
  26. Judgement
    by Nachtterror
  27. Interlude
    by Maeskyyrn
  28. The Heavens Are Not On Fire...
    by Wills Dissolve
  29. Laho
    by Kval
  30. From Both Our Hands
    by Sertraline
  31. Nightmarrow
    by Mavradoxa
  32. Ghost Condensate
    by Mesarthim
  33. The Depths of the Abyss Knows No Bounds [Hypnotic Dirge Compilation 2019]
    by Hypnotic Dirge Records
  34. Circle of Veins
    by Sadness
  35. The Art of Self-Destruction
    by Suicide Wraith
  36. Purge LP
    by Louise Lemón
  37. Banners to the Moonswept
    by Eave
  38. Weightless at Dawn
    by Truthseeker
  39. Of Ash and Dying Light
    by Nachtterror / Altars of Grief
  40. A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time
    by Obsidian Tongue
  41. The Hourglass
    by Atten Ash
  42. Sørbyen
    by netra
  43. Faces of Insanity
    by Epitimia
  44. Wind
    by Frigoris
  45. Lunaric Tide
    by Astral Luminous