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  1. Night Raid
    by Minenfeld
  2. Volume III
    by Obsidian Tongue
  3. Pale Swordsman
    by Këkht Aräkh
  4. Thunder in the Mountains
    by Dzö-nga
  5. Degli Alberi e L'Acque è Notturno
    by Hornwood Fell
  6. Keres
    by Hornwood Fell
  7. Samael
    by Gravenchalice
  8. Unterweger (Brutal Death Metal)
    by MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY (International)
  9. A Sire To The Ghouls Of Lunacy (Experimental Black/Death Metal)
  10. Agma (Death Metal)
    by WOMBBATH (Sweden)
  11. Sede de sangue
    by Lerna
  12. Grave Pilgrim
    by Grave Pilgrim
  13. Legacy
    by Second To Sun
  14. Absolute Power [SPECIAL EDITION]
    by WRAITH
  15. Ng'ambu
    by Mehenet
  16. Manso Queimor Dacordado
    by Vauruvã
  17. The Osseous Key
    by Alghol
  18. Punishment And Devotion
    by Lamp Of Murmuur
  19. Submission And Slavery
    by Lamp Of Murmuur
  20. Illusions In The Wake (Atmospheric Black Metal)
    by NOLTEM (US)