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  1. Hammerhandle
    by Weedeater
  2. God Luck and Good Speed
    by Weedeater
  3. Coven Born
    by Beastmaker
  4. Body and Soul
    by Beastmaker
  5. Eyes and Tongues
    by Desert Colossus
  6. Orc
    by Orc
  7. EP. 9
    by Beastmaker
  8. EP. 10
    by Beastmaker
  9. EP.5
    by Beastmaker
  10. EP.3
    by Beastmaker
  11. Lemanis
    by Spaceslug
  12. WHORE full album
    by Mephistofeles
  13. EP.6
    by Beastmaker
  14. You Must Sin
    by Beastmaker
  15. EP.4
    by Beastmaker
  16. Tårn
    by Ruff Majik
  17. Free the Witch EP
  18. Woodland Rites
  19. Inner Space Vol. 2
    by Atomonaut
    Ery One Knows Ery One Knows
    Somehow different from Vol.1 but equally valid and solid.
  20. CHILD
    by CHILD
    Stone by Stone Stone by Stone
    This is some serious heavy blues...
  21. Of Earth Episode II (Destruction) & 3 (Ancient Machine)
    by Great Electric Quest
  22. Blueside
    by CHILD
    Blue Side of the Collar Blue Side of the Collar
    Amazing album, amazing band.
  23. On This Night
    by Dunbarrow
  24. Dunbarrow
    by Dunbarrow
  25. Chapter I
    by Great Electric Quest
    Madam Elbib Madam Elbib
    Rock'n'Roll lives!!!
  26. The Crows Ain't Far Behind
    by Dunbarrow
  27. Neon Warship
    by Neon Warship
  28. Elephant Tree
    by Elephant Tree
  29. Attack Of The Altaica (Demo V2)
    by Elephant Tree
  30. The Serpent Coven
    by The Wandering Midget
    Taynia Taynia
    I already own the CD, bought some years back, but I just wanted more from this amazing band. Doom at its finest.
  31. Master Of The Universe
    by The Wandering Midget
  32. I Am The Gate EP
    by The Wandering Midget
    Wolfslayer Wolfslayer
    Great tunes from Finland. No frills, no kidding, just a very high dose of DOOM!
  33. Spires Burn/Release
    by Elder
    Spires Burn Spires Burn
    I've finally seen them playing live in London and they played Spires Burn... It was A W E S O M E!!!!!
  34. Lore
    by Elder
    Lore Lore
    This is a masterpiece of an album, no kidding. But Lore is something that you can't even describe...
  35. Dead Roots Stirring (REMASTERED)
    by Elder
    Knot Knot
  36. Elder (REMASTERED) + demos
    by Elder
    White Walls White Walls
    Riff = Elder
  37. The Falling Veil
    by Elder
  38. Sanctuary
    by Elder
  39. Claws Of The Night (Demo)
    by The Wandering Midget
    These guys know very, very well how to play doom.
  40. Maera
    by The Heavy Eyes
    These Men are Wolves These Men are Wolves
    Holy groove! Well done guys, every single song ROCKS!
  41. The Wizard
    by Merlin
    Abyss Abyss
    The whole album is very interesting, but Abyss is phenomenal!
  42. Till Marijannah
    by Marijannah
    1974 1974
    Rough, solid, and original. Keep it up guys, we need more of this!!!
  43. Marblewood
    by Marblewood
  44. Gemstone Sunrise EP (2020 Remaster)
    by Kanoi
  45. Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2
    by Howling Giant