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  1. Though the Looking Glass
    by Borders Edge Music
  2. Water Spirits
    by Borders Edge Music
  3. L'esprit des eaux
    by Borders Edge Music
    subscriber exclusive
  4. Chrysalis
    by Sequential Dreams
    subscriber exclusive
  5. Diachronic Verbs in Temporal Sentences
    by Sequential Dreams
    subscriber exclusive
  6. Learning to Fly
    by Midnight Airship
    subscriber exclusive
  7. Shades of Nirvana
    by Gypsy Witch
    Nirvana Indigo Nirvana Indigo
  8. Gypsy Moon
    by Gypsy Witch
    Bella Luna Bella Luna
    A lovely way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing through ambient music!
  9. Land of Forgotten Destiny
    by Mirror of Dreams
    Wisteria Garden reminds me of the magical mood set by Yoko Kanno on Ghost in The Shell SAC! But there are so many great moods and ambiances here. Great album!
  10. Believe
    by RYO
  11. Outside The Box
    by Various Artists
    The Light Belongs To You The Light Belongs To You
    A great way to discover the music of modul303 radio artists
  12. Intergalactic Moonloonies Invade Mushroom Hill vol. 2
    by Aquarian Moons
    One Mushroom Hill One Mushroom Hill
    Our thanks to Paul Higgins for playing Borders Edge Records artists on Aquarian Moons radio all these years! Your friends, Sequential Dreams, Midnight Airship, Luna Firma, Kuutana, and friends!
  13. Oh Lord (how much more)
    by Teresa Reeves-Gilmer of Snowwolfstix
  14. The Lost Kosmonaut
    by Eagle(Synth Music)
  15. Origin.iOS
    by Rayspark Industries
  16. Remembrance
    by Borders Edge Music
  17. Second Horizon
    by Kuutana
  18. Antarctica Base
    by Borders Edge Music
  19. The Island
    by Borders Edge Music
  20. The Search
    by Borders Edge Music