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  1. Don't Mess With TexXxas
  2. You Are The Universe
    by For Giants
  3. Life At The Edge Of Chaos
    by Seconds Ago
  4. Soul Cycle II
    by Soul Cycle
  5. Samsara
    by Telos
  6. Batu Ozer - Pinus
    by Batu Ozer
  7. Revenant
    by Vacant
  8. Nostalgia (Ft. Missio
    by Said The Sky
  9. Phobias
    by My Home, The Catacombs
  10. The Cost of Every Man
    by Recode The Subliminal
  11. The Anchor
    by The Anchor
  12. Mystery:Diary
    by Their Dogs Were Astronauts
  13. EP
    by Noble Lie
  14. Celestial
    by Andromida
  15. Broken // Bones
    by Void Of Vision
  16. Djurassic Word
    by HUNG
  17. Newborn Mind
    by Napoleon