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  1. Designed To Break
    by Breathers
  2. "The Lounge Awakens" (2015)
    by Richard Cheese
  3. "Supermassive Black Tux" (2015)
    by Richard Cheese
  4. "Licensed To Spill" (2017)
    by Richard Cheese
  5. King Missile IV - This Fuckin' Guy (2015)
    by PowertoolRecords
    Closet Closet
    John S. Hall is the voice of the voiceless. Sometimes you hold in the F word so long it seeps out of your ears, because you can't just come right out and say it in your everyday life.

    John S. Hall has somehow found a way to say it for you. For this he is owed a great debt.
  6. "The Royal Baby Album" (2013)
    by Richard Cheese
  7. "Back In Black Tie" (2012)
    by Richard Cheese