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  1. Somethin' Ta Tell Ya
    by Peeple Watchin'
  2. bloody teeth
    by salt wound
    your friends your friends
  3. death is yr only guarantee
    by Bitterfucked
  4. still born
    by beyon
  5. Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes
    by Your Heart Breaks
  6. you're dead
    by Blood Orphans
  7. Rare Crush
    by doggo
  8. Cell Phone 1
    by CO/NTRY
  9. my eyes will see air if my lungs erupt
    by Printing Shed // Valerie Flor
    my blood, the air that seeps in (Printing Shed) my blood, the air that seeps in (Printing Shed)
    All of these songs make me feel. This is one of my favorite albums.
  10. contingency
    by alyssa kai
    exegetical heretical exegetical heretical
  11. Moon Under Water, Hole In The Ice
    by Loone
    Moon Under Water Moon Under Water
  12. Laughter Over The Water
    by Noel'le Longhaul
    The Light The Light
  13. This Is My Name Now
    by Noel'le Longhaul
    Easter Bird Easter Bird
  14. Curious Merchandise
    by Ben Prunty
  15. The mark inside
    by Pat "the bunny" Schneeweis
  16. The Volatile Utopian Real Estate Market
    by Pat "the bunny" Schneeweis
  17. Live the dream
    by Ramshackle Glory
  18. Full Communism
    by Downtown Boys
  19. Darling, Safe Passage to You
  20. Soft Grudge
    by Mulligrub