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  1. Blob On A Grid
    by Cabo Boing
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    Blob On A Grid Blob On A Grid
    Another fantastic, mind-melting release from Haord.
  2. All The Way
    by TALsounds
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    Talk Alone Talk Alone
    This is a cool tape. Chami summons a pretty tremendous amount of warmth out of her electronics, and she has the voice of an angel. I sometimes listen to this tape when I want to think warm and fuzzy thoughts about humanity.
  3. Lifter + Lighter
    by TALsounds
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    I Am Why I Am Why
    If this tape doesn't rank higher than last year's tape on its respective end-of-year list over at Tabs Out, I will suspect interference from foreign agencies. This feels like a major evolutionary leap forward. The best of an already stellar batch.
  4. Drip Mental
    by Fire-Toolz
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    Lots of the Hausu Mountain releases feature sounds that are big evolutions from the artists' previous work. Well, this album is one of the biggest leaps forward in a single album I've ever heard. The album is incredible. Fire-Toolz rocks!
  5. Metalepsis
    by Eartheater
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    Infinity Infinity
    I like this tape more than its sequel (which really is superior) because my taste is at the "advanced genius" level and seems bad. It feels more like a "tape" to me -- the kind of amazing weird treasure that only cassettes can offer. Like viewing a vast endless expanse of alien flora.
  6. Walkthrough
    by Mukqs
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    V on Shenton V on Shenton
    TALsounds' album got all the attention, but this one is also pretty much a masterwork. My favorite Mukqs release of the ones I've scoped so far (though it's a close race)
  7. Digital Rainforest
    by Pulse Emitter
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    The 23rd Century The 23rd Century
    The day I just up & decided to start collecting tapes, this is the first I purchased. The synth tones are nicely cheeseball, but that could distract you from the new agey vibe going on here, too. Pulse Emitter, unlike some other artists I've gotten into since, seems like an actually approachable guy I could hang out with. Finally, everything about the tape itself is very visually appealing.
  8. CLACK!
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    Conflict Of Interest Conflict Of Interest
    I've decided this might be Moore's best tape -- but you have to listen to a bunch of his tapes thousands of times to think that. Others probably have their own favorites. Lo-fi Stevie is great, but the studio production here is like going from VHS to Blu-Ray. The juiciest cut of steak, 1080p R. Stevie Moore.
  9. Deep Thoughts
    by Giant Claw
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    Deep Thoughts 009 Deep Thoughts 009
    A deeply encoded transmission meant primarily for androids, not humans. Disgustingly slick; clinical instead of erotic; subversive. This album... *takes hit, narrows eyes, focuses meaningfully on something far-away and coughs* is like if Van Gogh programmed the song that plays when you press the "DEMO" button on a cheap keyboard. One of my favorite albums in a long time.
  10. Macula Dog
    by Macula Dog
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    Wrong Phone Wrong Phone
    It's like the Residents performing covers of Oh, No!-era Devo inside the universe of Pee Wee's Playhouse. If that doesn't get your blood pumping, I don't know what to do for you.
  11. Miracle Hentai
    by Mukqs / Constellation Botsu
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    Botsu562 Botsu562
    Botsu manages to sound more punishing than Merzbow, and Mukqs is right in step with him -- be sure to also check out his split with DJWWWW, which is totally different. Stupid good tape. Tim Thornton augments the exciting experimental music he makes as Tiger Village with the exciting experimental music he releases on his label Suite 309. I received a choice bonus tape when I ordered this, and the package was extremely prompt in arriving. Tim Thornton is a very cool dude.