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  1. Soft Channel
    by Giant Claw
    Soft Channel 007 Soft Channel 007
  2. Nonlinear Record
    by Genetics and Windsurfing
    Easy Listening, Swing and Synthpop Easy Listening, Swing and Synthpop
  3. The Secular Arm
    by Rick Weaver
    Roy the Rodent Roy the Rodent
  4. Blob On A Grid
    by Cabo Boing
    Blob On A Grid Blob On A Grid
    Another fantastic, mind-melting release from Haord. My second favorite tape in their catalog, behind the Macula Dog self-titled.
  5. Love Sick
    by TALsounds
    I Saw The Way I Saw The Way
    TALsounds' best yet. With every release she leaps forward. The fact that every song is improvised is something of a mind-blower. What an exciting time to be alive!
  6. firesid3 ch@t r00m
    by More Eaze
    This tape totally rules. It's not catnip to my brain like some other Orange Milk releases, but I can't help but admire it immensely. The feeling of it is just perfect. In fact, it's my favorite tape of 2017 by an artist I wasn't already friends with.
  7. Fiction
    by Loto Retina
    Arctique Trajectoire Arctique Trajectoire
    This tape is great. Even better on drugs. The crisp digital tones reminded me somewhat of "Deep Thoughts", which is the first tape of this sort I fell in love with. Fits in perfectly into the Orange Milk ouevre, & is a highlight.
  8. Drip Mental
    by Fire-Toolz
    Lots of the Hausu Mountain releases feature sounds that are big evolutions from the artists' previous work. Well, this album is one of the biggest leaps forward in a single album I've ever heard. The album is incredible! Fire-Toolz rocks!
  9. Metalepsis
    by Eartheater
    Infinity Infinity
    I like this tape more than its sequel (which really is superior) because my taste is at the "advanced genius" level and seems bad. It feels more like a "tape" to me -- the kind of amazing weird treasure that only cassettes can offer. Like viewing a vast endless expanse of alien flora.
  10. Lifter + Lighter
    by TALsounds
    I Am Why I Am Why
    If this tape doesn't rank higher than last year's tape on its respective end-of-year list over at Tabs Out, I will suspect interference from foreign agencies. This feels like a major evolutionary leap forward. The best of an already stellar batch.
  11. All The Way
    by TALsounds
    Talk Alone Talk Alone
    This is a cool tape. Chami summons a pretty tremendous amount of warmth out of her electronics, and she has the voice of an angel. I sometimes listen to this tape when I want to think warm and fuzzy thoughts about humanity.
  12. Walkthrough
    by Mukqs
    V on Shenton V on Shenton
    TALsounds' album seemingly got all the attention, but this one is also pretty much a masterwork in my opinion. My favorite Mukqs release of the ones I've scoped so far (but it's a close race)
  13. Miracle Hentai
    by Mukqs / Constellation Botsu
    Botsu562 Botsu562
    Botsu manages to sound more punishing than Merzbow, and Mukqs is right in step with him -- be sure to also check out his split with DJWWWW, which is totally different. Stupid good tape. Tim Thornton augments the exciting experimental music he makes as Tiger Village with the exciting experimental music he releases on his label Suite 309. I received a choice bonus tape when I ordered this, and the package was extremely prompt in arriving. Tim Thornton is cool!
  14. Deep Thoughts
    by Giant Claw
    Deep Thoughts 009 Deep Thoughts 009
    A deeply encoded transmission meant primarily for androids, not humans. Disgustingly slick; clinical instead of erotic; subversive. This album... *takes hit, narrows eyes, focuses meaningfully on something far-away and coughs* is like if Van Gogh programmed the song that plays when you press the "DEMO" button on a cheap keyboard. One of my favorite albums in a long time.
  15. Macula Dog
    by Macula Dog
    Wrong Phone Wrong Phone
    It's like the Residents performing covers of Oh, No!-era Devo inside the universe of Pee Wee's Playhouse. If that doesn't get your blood pumping, I don't know what to do for you.
  16. Flood Dosed
    by Guerilla Toss
    Polly's Crystal Polly's Crystal
    My favorite Guerilla Toss release, maybe. A great tape that heralded the new style of funky deep-chops jamming they'd be doing on Eraser Stargazer. I'm bummed I only discovered this band after they'd evolved past the noisy early sound, which is very special, but I have good feelings about the direction they're headed. Keep an eye on these guys.
    by death's dynamic shroud.wmv
    Twitter was pretty special the night this dropped -- one of the biggest musical happenings I witnessed in 2016, in hindsight (I live on the Internet). This album makes more sense if you've heard more albums in the group's chronology than just the one immediately preceding it. Reaffirms the joys of listening to underground microgenre music online.
  18. Deathly Hollow
    by Scammers
    Devil Devil
    This is a very cool album I might have glossed over if I hadn't become friends with Phil Diamond on Facebook. Definite "concept album" vibes going on with this one, compared to the other Scammers release I've scoped. There's astonishing sincerity in the lyrics if you care to listen closely. If you don't, it still sounds pretty good, but the highlight is definitely the content of the lyrics. Cinematic and beautiful.
    Bright Bound Foray Bright Bound Foray
    One of my most-listened tapes from 2015 because I listen a lot to things I don't understand, from an intriguing artist I'm just starting to explore further -- he has his own label named Squiggle Dot which seems worth scoping. Post-post-modern sounds for heads on the front line. It comes with a powerpoint, which is a great touch -- every digital release should come with weird bonus files.
  20. Digital Rainforest
    by Pulse Emitter
    The 23rd Century The 23rd Century
    The day I just up & decided to start collecting tapes, this is the first I purchased. The synth tones are nicely cheeseball, but that could distract you from the new agey vibe going on here, too. Pulse Emitter, unlike some other artists I've gotten into since, seems like an actually approachable guy I could hang out with. Finally, everything about the tape itself is very visually appealing.
  21. CLACK!
    Conflict Of Interest Conflict Of Interest
    I've decided this might be Moore's best tape -- but you have to listen to a bunch of his tapes thousands of times to think that. Others probably have their own favorites. Lo-fi Stevie is great, but the studio production here is like going from VHS to Blu-Ray. The juiciest cut of steak, 1080p R. Stevie Moore.
  22. Returns
    Come My Way Come My Way
    I've had a couple different favorite R. Stevie Moore releases as I've delved further and further into his catalog, but this is undoubtedly one of his finest ever, for real. In my opinion, this tape is the key to unlocking his songwriting genius.
  23. I'm Still Playing
    by Zebra Zebra
    Throwing Things Down Stairs Throwing Things Down Stairs
    It takes a small dose of patience & a great dose of humanity to fully appreciate this album, but it really journeys into the far-out fringes of the mind in my opinion. Music this good by a two-year-old is entirely novel to me.
  24. Tauromachine
    by Merzbow
    Cannibalism of Machine Cannibalism of Machine
    Merzbow's finest, in my opinion, and perhaps the best introduction to his work, since there's more variety here than on "Pulse Demon". Some of the harshest, yet pleasing-to-the-ear, sounds ever conceived -- as in, dig-up-Lester-Bangs-and-tell-him-to-forget-about-Lou-Reed because this is Metal Machine, Tauromachine, Harsh Noise at its PEAK.
  25. Obaa Sima
    by Ata Kak
    Daa Nyinaa Daa Nyinaa
    I thought this was out-of-print & bought it for twice the asking price over at Discogs! Then I paid for the digital here. But this tape is priceless and it was totally worth it. A true desert island tape. I spin this thing back-to-back-to-back-to-back over and over again and have the time of my life.
  26. Just Roll
    by Dang Olsen Dream Tape
    Into The Illusion Into The Illusion
    Dang Wayne Olsen is a funny little dude -- check out to get a feel for him. He's released four tapes across three labels, by my count, in a short time. In my mind, this first one, augmented by all the trippy art on his site, is a classic tape on the level of the debuts from Macula Dog and Eartheater -- tapes like this are the reason we collect.
  27. Ebony Sunrise
    by Yves Malone
    Mega Funk Mega Funk
    Yves Malone is an enigmatic synth mastermind who, in my view, outclasses all other synth throwback acts. This is a very strong album with some rad tape art in the Orange Milk style. It's a perfect artifact. No reason to pass it up.
  28. Sorta Upset!
    by Jake Tobin
    I Know It's Easy But I Know It's Easy But
    The whole Haord scene is at least five or even ten years ahead of its time -- perhaps they are actual time-travellers, sent backwards to prevent our timeline from lapsing into dystopian alternate futures, aliens travelling in hermetically sealed spacecraft (note from the future: Haord's sounds weren't enough to save us. Trump is our President-elect). Haord boasts truly fresh sounds for heads who have heard EVERYTHING else.
  29. Invisible Cities
    by Les Halles
    between two deserts between two deserts
    A great tape to become obsessed with.
  30. Death House
    by Attrition
    Crawling Crawling
  31. I'll Try Living Like This
    by death's dynamic shroud.wmv
    너 땜에 맘이 맘이 맘이 맘이 괴로워요 너 땜에 맘이 맘이 맘이 맘이 괴로워요
  32. Transient
    by Les Halles
    Hypochondria of the Heart Hypochondria of the Heart
  33. Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert, or Wizard
    by Skyjelly
    Sixes Sixes
  34. Góst Rock
    by Skyjelly
    Energy Vampire Weekend Energy Vampire Weekend
  35. In Arboreal Whispering
    by Hakobune
    airworthy airworthy
    I've scoped two Hakobune tapes plus a record thus far, but this is the finest stuff I've heard from him yet, I think. Cosmically soothing.
  36. Nobody Pays Me Much Mind Until I'm Gone
    by R. Stevie Moore
    Good Job At Home Good Job At Home
    What is it, like forty-plus years? But R. Stevie Moore still makes interesting output after all this time. I highly recommend getting the physical tape -- without it you won't fully appreciate the fact that the back half (Side B) is entirely ambient. How many times has R. Stevie gone ambient? Feels like a rare treat. I heard on his Facebook once that he loves "Music For Airports"; you can certainly hear the influence here.
  37. I'm Making Progress
    by Forced Into Femininity
    Leave It Alone Leave It Alone
    Love this tape! What lovely sounds, reminiscent of No Wave.
  38. Swing And A Miss
    Here Comes Summer Again Here Comes Summer Again
    The living avatar of the entire DIY tape scene, R. Stevie Moore is underappreciated on Bandcamp -- this release may just be his greatest ever, in my book. An all-time highlight for sure.
  39. Sheetrock
    96 Tears 96 Tears
  40. All Well and Good
    Alecia Alecia
    It seems a tad weak in spots -- or maybe I'm spoiled by SWING AND A MISS -- but this is an underrated collection from Moore's poppiest era. Highlights include the title track, Play Myself Some Music, Alecia, Baby On Board, and Diary. Can't believe I'm the first to purchase this from this site.
  41. Stevie Moore Often
    Why Should I Love You Why Should I Love You
    Great release. This version of "He's Nuts" utterly annihilates the studio version years later. Numerous other nuggets on here, making it one of the best-value tapes from this early in his career.
  42. Smiles
    by CDX
    Smiles In The Wild Smiles In The Wild
  43. Tche Belew
    by Hailu Mergia
    Musicawi Silt Musicawi Silt
    Great, rare sounds from Ethiopia. The Ethio-Jazz sound possesses crossover appeal for hipsters who try their best but find typical jazz records inaccessible. This is probably the artist's most iconic work, but Hailu Mergia was responsible for other great releases as well -- a treasure to discover. I've become an instant fan of the label that reissued this.
  44. Ice Pix
    by FIN
    Opula Opula
  45. Modern Jester
    by Aaron Dilloway
    Eight Cut Scars (For Robert Turman) Eight Cut Scars (For Robert Turman)
    Marc Masters brilliantly likened this to "War and Peace" and I think that's apt. Obviously, lengthier albums exist, but this still manages to feel like one of the most colossal I've experienced, and certainly one of the most rewarding of its genre.