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  1. Melolignia2
    by ANIM.USIC
    Fervour Fervour
  2. life changing moments seem minor in pictures
    by C418
  3. Achievement
    by pilotredsun
  4. Tower of Heaven (Original Soundtrack)
    by flashygoodness
  5. The End Is Nigh: OST
    by Ridiculon
  6. Resident Evil: RE-Imagined
    by Sea Elegy
  7. Anaglyph Tracks
    by Blitz Lunar
  8. ORANGE SOUNDS -ZeroRanger Original Soundtrack-
    by eebrozgi
  9. Star Stories
    by AJ DiSpirito
  10. Mighty Switch Force OST
    by Jake Kaufman
  11. Friends in caves
    by Eirik Suhrke
    7th Heaven 7th Heaven
    Excellent remixes of an excellent soundtrack of an excellent game.
  12. Exit Plan
    by Fearofdark
  13. Spelunky
    by Eirik Suhrke
  14. The Black Box
    by aivi & surasshu
  16. Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar
    by Disasterpeace
    Submerciful Submerciful
  17. Shovel Knight - King of Cards OST
    by Jake Kaufman
  18. Technictix Remix Vol 1
    by Shinji Hosoe,Ayako Saso,Yousuke Yasui,Yasuhisa Watanabe,Takayuki Aihara,Hiroto Saito
    Cell-Phone Boom Cell-Phone Boom
  19. Downwell
    by Eirik Suhrke
  20. Shovel Knight - Specter of Torment OST
    by Jake Kaufman
    Hidden by Night (Lich Yard) Hidden by Night (Lich Yard)