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  1. Brooklyn, New York
  2. Metal
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  1. Hymns From The Apocrypha
    by Suffocation
  2. Pinnacle Of Bedlam
    by Suffocation
  3. Curbside Homicide
    by State Of Filth
  4. A Monument to Violence
    by Vasculitis
  5. Bloodgeoning
    by Embedded
  6. dual optics
    by m. geddes gengras
  7. The Mountains are Singing and the Roses are Singing
    by Tuluum Shimmering
  8. These Flowers In Dawn's Twilight At Illusion Temple
    by Tuluum Shimmering
  9. Pitched Like a Stone into the Flowing Water
    by Tuluum Shimmering
  10. Emerald Trees of Mottled Green
    by Tuluum Shimmering
  11. Towers of Gold
    by Sacred Outcry
  12. In But Not Of
    by Afterbirth
  13. Seven Crowns and Seven Seals
    by Sulphur Aeon
  14. Almost Human
    by Wormhole
  15. Medicine
    by Goat
  16. Goodbye, Hotel Arkada
    by Mary Lattimore
  17. Draconic Synthesis
    by Old Tower
  18. Perspective
    by Jlin
  19. Shone a Rainbow Light On
    by Setting
  20. Arroyo Tree Complex
    by Steven R. Smith