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  1. Deathbell - With the Beyond
    by Deathbell
  2. Fuck You It's Christmas
    by Prof
  3. Marbin
    by Marbin
  4. Euphoric Dismemberment
    by Catatonic Profanation
  5. Fantasies of Gore
    by Backyard Cannibalism
  6. Scriptures Of The Damned
    by Backyard Cannibalism
  7. Stages of Rot
    by Backyard Cannibalism
  8. Basement of Horrors
    by Backyard Cannibalism
  9. Born in Blood
    by Backyard Cannibalism
    Solid first release eh.
  10. Born In Blood
    by Backyard Cannibalism
    Surgically Amputated Surgically Amputated
    Starts strong. Spectacular production work and mixing. Fantastic layered vocals. Excellent weird bass breaks in lots of songs. Great '80s arena rock references. Plenty of oompah-beat thank Og. Fewer fade outs tho please: just pick a spot to break that beat and end it. Hugely fun collection of songs; the opener is my favorite.
  11. Of Damnation and Abyssal Terrors
    by Garroted
  12. Strong Thing
    by Marbin
    Holy #@¢%!!! I'm not sure how I stumbled on this band but I just got the CD in the mail and I am blown away! Excellent! Fantastic! Absolutely essential music! A perfect blend of styles, often stretching from one to another within the space of a single musical phrase; stunning musicianship and songwriting skills here!
  13. What Is Imposed Must Be Endured
    by Blind Monarch
  14. Les Cornichons / Diggers Delight
    by The Diasonics
    Fantastic! Sounds familiar and new at the same time, which is an amazing feat in music. Yes: listen to this!
  15. Delirium / Congolian
    by The Diasonics
    This is perfect. Love it. Can't stop listening to these guys. Stop teasing us and release a whole album, yo!
  16. Drunk Bach / Hustle Riff
    by The Diasonics
    Great fun and always interesting. Very polished band and well-executed recording and mix. Pro act all the way around.
  17. Preemptive Space Warfare
  18. Die For Something Worthwhile
    Weltschmerz Weltschmerz
    This totally fucking rocks! Excellent band and pro production/mix! Songs are catchy and fast.
  19. The Mystic Valley Tapes
    by Garroted
    Brutal and raw and brutal.
  20. Research & Development
    by Xenopredator
    Upon the Blooded Sands Upon the Blooded Sands
    This totally fucking rocks! Okay, at first I was kind of put off by the juvenile artwork. Then I was kind of put off by the poor/odd production. Then I was utterly blown away by the crazy weird lead lines AND by how prominent they were in the mix. The bizarre flat old-school thrash production now worked. Great songwriting and excellent musicianship from everyone. This music is more complex than might be first apparent. This is a must-have, IMO. One of the best things I've heard all 2019.