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  1. Lucky Ones
    by Luttrell
    Lucky Ones Lucky Ones
    Came for Lucky Ones but fell in love with so much more. The 80s-ish vibe of Albanian Summer, the chair-dancer Universal Theory. It’s all good.
  2. Blue Book
    by Tor
  3. Epoch
    by Tycho
  4. Corvus
    by Recondite
  5. Beat Tape 2 (Extended Edition)
    by Tom Misch
    The Journey The Journey
    Oh man, sweet sweet beats. Every time I play this I have a new fave. The Journey, Falafel, Hark, etc. Just get this.
  6. Beat Tape 1
    by Tom Misch
  7. Paper Lanterns
    by Edamame
  8. Om Yoga Vol. 1 & 2 Bundle
    by Various Artists
  9. Morning Beast Compilation 001
    by Morning Beast
  10. BST001
    by Blankstairs
  11. Haven EP
    by Nocturn
  12. Morning Light
    by Ten Million Sounds
    by Durazzo
    Another quality collection. If you are a fan of crispy, up-front beats, this one is for you!
  14. Finding Time
    by Ten Million Sounds
    Great collection of sounds. I can't believe how good this is!
  15. Greenhouse
    by Edamame
  16. Beats Vol. 2
    by Durazzo
  17. White Rain
    by Serren
  18. Sweetheart of Kairi E.P
    by Sweetheart of Kairi
  19. Burned Bridges
    by Sapphire
  20. Singing Miracles
    by Hannibal King