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  1. The Lucifer Principle
    by Panzerfaust
  2. Kai Tangata
    by Alien Weaponry
  3. Mytharc
    by Xenoglyph
  4. Pledge Nothing But Flesh
    by Scáth Na Déithe
  5. The Dirge of Endless Mourning
    by Scáth Na Déithe
  6. Desolation
    by Nordicwinter
  7. Magnitude of Extinction
    by Azoth
  8. The Suns of Perdition - Chapter II: Render Unto Eden
    by Panzerfaust
  9. Behold The Silent Dwellers
    by Aversio Humanitatis
  10. Untitled EP
    by Rejoice! The Light Has Come
  11. U.M.A.
    by Progenie Terrestre Pura
  12. Deus Salutis Meae
    by Blut Aus Nord
  13. oltreLuna
    by Progenie Terrestre Pura
  14. Amissum
    by Chaos Moon
  15. Resurrection Extract
    by Chaos Moon
  16. Eschaton Mémoire
    by Chaos Moon
  17. Daemonic: The Art Of Dantalian
    by Veld
  18. Ond Bråd Död
    by Avlid
  19. The Fruit of Barren Fields
    by Dreichmere
    really good black prog that scratches that Opeth itch.
  20. Premonitions
    by Sojourner