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  2. Experimental
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  1. CITTA' '93
    by Les Rallizes Dénudés
  3. the long song
    by drøne
  4. No Highs
    by Tim Hecker
  5. Tusk
    by The Dead C
  6. Arrow
    by Noveller
  7. Travelogue [Bali]
    by CM von Hausswolff & Chandra Shukla
  8. fade
    by Boris
  9. Damage Mécanique
    by Diminished Men
  10. Cibola
    by Derek Monypeny
  11. Orgelwerke
    by Ted Reichman
  12. Aven
    by Bethan Kellough
  13. fade
    by Boris
    終章 a bao a qu -無限回廊- 終章 a bao a qu -無限回廊-
    Fully immersive heavy drone. The finest of little "b" boris. Best drumless album since the Solomon series! Slow, creeping heaviness, massive, detailed, rich. A lot of power balanced exquisitely in the air.
  14. Performances & Recordings 1998-2018
    by Charles Curtis
  15. Cibola
    by Derek Monypeny
  16. Does Spring Hide Its Joy
    by Kali Malone (featuring Stephen O’Malley & Lucy Railton)
  17. Resistenza
    by Philip Jeck
  18. Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Live -25th Anniversary Show-
    by Boris
  19. The Gleam
    by Park Jiha
    Light Way Light Way
    I adore Park Jiha's first two albums, but The Gleam occupies a different space for me. I feel weightless, suspended in a state of perpetual spine tingle. Beautifully composed in her own musical language, Park uses an array of traditional instruments to meditate on light and its meaning in our lives.
  20. Evergreen
    by Patrick Shiroishi
    a place where sunflowers grow a place where sunflowers grow
    Breathtaking. This is by far the most hauntingly interesting new piece I've heard in some time. Shirioshi's approach to constructed soundscapes is delicate, yet fully immersive and engrossing. The work is sublime, mediative and fully grounded in the Touch universe, with delicate saxophone work floating at the top.