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  1. Shattered Dimension
    by The Flying Luttenbachers
  2. From Untruth
    by Elder Ones
  3. The Songs of Albert Ayler
    by Healing Force
  4. On the Precipice of Many Infinities
    by The Fractured Dimension
  5. The Other Side of Time
    by Quin Kirchner
  6. The Bucket List
    by Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta
  7. Mask
    by David Dominique
  8. North America (expanded)
    by Curlew
  9. Nivraym
    by Koenji Hyakkei
  10. We Are All Small Pixels
    by Pixel
  11. Yvykua Ipuva
    by Zigo & Camila Dos Santos (KURUNDU)
  12. Myrrha's Red Book - Act I
    by Ben Stapp
  13. Brain Surgery
    by Alfie Ryner
  14. Memorial I
    by Alfie Ryner
  15. II
    by Alfie Ryner
  16. Wanzwa II
    by Wanzwa
  17. Wanzwa
    by Wanzwa
  18. L 'ombra delle Formiche
    by Unsolved Problems of Noise
  19. Zombi
    by Mombu