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  1. Signal Fires
    by Marty O'Reilly
  2. Witch-Works
    by Mombi Yuleman
  3. Age of Anxiety
    by Scott Lawlor
  4. Bloodmoon: I
    by Converge & Chelsea Wolfe
    Converge has always been on the top of the list...Chelsea Wolfe is downright epic...This will be a collab that sets standards...all should follow blindly and walk straight into the fire
  5. Deadlife
    by Pain Injection
  6. I (demo)
    by Pain Injection
  7. I
    by Pain Injection
  8. Moon Gazing
    by Scott Lawlor
    Each Cold Star Each Cold Star
    Black is the absence of color...without dark there is no light. This album is the light within darkness and the color that shows through black...full of dark textures and light gusts of calming moments given to us from a very talented artist..job well done once again..
  9. Shriek
    by Lou Kelly...and Friends
  10. Abductee
    by Mombi Yuleman
    This is an amazing cinematic trek through the world of unmentioned neighbors from the skies above...a very well drawn out experience that could only be lived and understood by personally living it play and enjoy
  11. Blessings of the Highest Order
    by Thou
    This is easily the best collection of covers by any band done for any band ever in my life...This album is fucking amazing and listening to this will simply better your life..other Nirvana covers just sound like mud in your ear..this is the top of the line..all other Nirvana coveres are toxic...BTW listen to this album and tell all you know to check it out
  12. Formless
    by Innesti
  13. Semtex
    by The Third Eye Foundation
  14. I Was Born In The Eighties, Remember? You Might Be Older Now, As We Hang On Through The Night Like Locusts, Our Bodies Meet, And So I Can't Wrestle Heavy Drinks From The Pain, But I'd Die If I Ever Think About The Future, You Know I Could Be Happy Back In The Day, But Only If You Were My Friend
    by Wings Of An Angel
    A great way to start a day.. This is like watching the fog clear in the sunrise. A peaceful way to get the day rolling forward.... just like a red sky at night... take delight
  15. [ATP040] Noise From Brazil Vol. 2
    by V.A.
  16. [ATP060] Noise From The World
    by V.A.
  17. [ATP046] The Darkest Matter
    by Mental Instability
  18. [ATP005] The Infernal Journey EP
    by DZKYIN
  19. [ATP024] Speedbreak Brasil Vol.1
    by DZKYIN / Hardkore / C.R.O.W.
  20. [ATP028] Compact Soundtrash #2: Guittar Seasons
    by DZKYIN