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  1. Silent Planet
    by Merrin Karras
  2. A Dawn to Fear
    by Cult of Luna
  3. Amnesia EP
    by Cyspe
  4. Prelude N°2 in C Minor
    by Arandel
  5. Our Raw Heart
    by YOB
  6. Silent Perfume. SEMANTICA 105
    by MA
    Sora Sora
    Cosy and dense production (the kind that seems to be rare nowadays). Enchanting Schultze/Gottsching vibes, but more sensible. So good. No unnecessary tracks here.
  7. Thalassa
    by Ioanna Gika
    Messenger Messenger
    Since I have to study I'm trying to listen to this at the same time. But I just get too *** excited. I agree about the Portis- & Radiohead traces. And very hard not to think of Kate Bush when hearing Messenger. Maybe it's a tribute? Wonderful & moving inspiration throughout the album.
  8. Ataraxia
    by Lou Karsh
    Infrared Infrared
  9. Ēteru
    by Primal Code
    Junkan Junkan
    This has a more mellow production than its successors, which I think fits the music of PC better. Still my favourite of their releases. Calm, beautiful techno.
  10. Forsaken Dreadnought Approaching Dead Space
    by Blind Observatory
    Dead Space Dead Space
    Meditative space exploring at its best. Fine balance between cold indifference and inspiring warmth.
  11. Sail Over The Eastern Horizon
    by Hanker
  12. Satoru
    by MTRL
  13. Emerald
    by Birds ov Paradise
  14. Daniel[i] revisits Saebius
    by Daniel[i]
  15. Sæbius - Water memories
    by Sæbius
  16. EXTRAOVQ003 - Mea Culpa (EP)
    by Boskøw
    Die Welle Die Welle
  17. Balder
    by Dycide
  18. Etrusci
    by Daniel[i]
  19. Escape
    by Dust Yard
  20. Rise & Fall
    by Atomic Moog