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Simon Wilson

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  2. Experimental
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  1. Wresteling Spelt Wrong On The Flyer
    by Theo Gowans
  2. Plumbing Hog
    by Plastiglomerate // Territorial Gobbing
  3. Cassette With Collage
    by Lust Rollers
  4. The Balsamic Doctrine
    by Ezio Piermattei & Ben Presto
  5. Still Life With Apples
    by Staraya Derevnya & Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet
  6. Urine Tantrum
    by Zebra Mu
  7. El origen del pensamiento mágico
    by Bardo Todol & Devid Ciampalini
  8. Atlantean Fusebox
    by Tim Cornelius & UTON
  9. Pisces
    by Polonius
  10. Devotional Abstractions
    by UTON
  11. Maria Cole's Backyard
    by Labas Krabas
  12. LODGE
    by DOYINN
  13. Smokey Emery: Nights like this are why I have no heart
    by Smokey Emery
  14. Vagaries
    by Robin Foster
    ai-ie-pn-hn-e-s ai-ie-pn-hn-e-s
    I like the way it sounds like a rubber frogman slipping on a puddle of mayonnaise into a bucket of spoons over and over again.
  15. placeholder name
    by BAND
  16. Grow More Fingers
    by Stuart Chalmers & Territorial Gobbing
    There is enough space at the end of side B if you want to dub the download only bonus track on yourself.
  17. A*l Ha*ds *n Ship
    by Territorial Gobbing/Labas Krabas
    Tr*m*el N*-*o Van*ube Tr*m*el N*-*o Van*ube
    Sounds great played backwards as well as forwards and upside down or inside out.
    Recommend for people who enjoy playing around with records and not just simply playing them.
  18. Peeping Tom
    by Peeping Tom
  19. Split
    by Stuart Chalmers / Michael Ridge
  20. Black Ink Oil Hand
    by The Tea Towels + RRS