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  1. Shorts are Comfy and Easy to Wear
    by Emme Phyzema
  2. Temporary Triumph
    by Emme Phyzema
  3. Housefly
    Fully realizing an approach that was only tested on their last release, Housefly sees Bangladeafy shed their old skin with absolute confidence. This shit destroys, harboring some of their most transcendent moments and more rhythmic earworms than ever.
  4. Unadulterated Bliss
    by Emme Phyzema
  5. The Only Path
    by Aal
  6. Dreamseller
    by Marshburn
  7. Sandwich, Ducks and Dishwasher: The Chronicles of Supertaste
    by PhonoPaths
  8. Dead Like An Angel
    by Korova
  9. Ahvak
    by Ahvak
  10. A Series of Related Dreams
    by Emme Phyzema
    Ode to F's Ode to F's
    Holy shit. Emme Phyzema sounds so great with a real live drummer finally! This is the more unique work of hers so far! So good!!!
  11. Chronic Bronchitis
    by Emme Phyzema
    Not Prog. Needs more mellotron.
  12. The Body Cosmic
    by Iapetus
    by Sebkha-Chott
  14. Antipode
    by Impavida
    This album is full of some of the most haunting yet beautiful melodies I have heard in black metal. The composition is very detailed and everything is artfully tasteful, an uncommon characteristic with dsbm.
  15. Roses and Thorns and Dead Unicorns
    by The Sound That Ends Creation
  16. Pornographic Seizures
    by Sanguisugabogg
  17. Breakfast at Riffany's
    by Bridesmaid
  18. I'm Losing Myself
    by An Isolated Mind
    by The Armed
    Dense as fuck. Layers and layers. Aggressive. My email is if you can find other music as tonally/melodically dense as this or Mars Volta's Bedlam in Goliath.
  20. Insight
    by Solus